Unfortunately, Xiaomi revealed MIUI 13 First look and Logo before the launch event. This new leaked logo embedded in the Xiaomi Service & Feedback app version 13.0.13 and one of the developers has found source files of this app, at that time it’s appeared.

Xiaomi has started work on MIUI 13 in July 2021, and finally, it’s launched this new update in December 2021. In China, all beta updates are stopped due to upcoming major updates released, and in seven phones already testing was started. Readmore MIUI 13 update released in 7 Xiaomi phones.

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MIUI 13 First Look:

MIUI13 first look of setup wizard screenshot
MIUI 13 Setup Screen
miui 13 main screen photo by techrush
Welcome message to enter MIUI 13 New world

Here are the two setups wizard screen screenshot. It looks like very minimal styles and something interesting coming soon. This setup screen looks like every old MIUI setup, not any changes made there.

Proof of MIUI 13 Logo is Official

Check below both images for genuine work of Xiaomi system apps, in service and feedback app it shows all MIUI 13 Png Logos. Download MIU Service and Feedback app V13.0.13 here.

all proof of miui 13 new logo
Source Files of MIUI 13 Logos
Proof of MIUI 13 logo is official by techrush
Service & Feedback app

MIUI 13 Released Date in India?

In India Miui 13 update was released End of January 2022, but on china 28th December it’s a public rollout for flagship phones. You can view the list here, The global launch date may take place 1 month later, as in MIUI 12.5.

Latest MIUI 13 Updates

Mi 11: V13.0.0.1.SKBINXM
Mi 11X: V13.0.0.1.SKHINXM
Mi 11X Pro: V13.0.0.3.SKKINXM
Mi 10T / Pro : V13.0.0.1.SJDINXM
POCO X3 Pro: V13.0.0.2.SJUINXM

MIUI 13 All Updates Download

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