MIUI 13 Lite: Xiaomi’s latest big surprise to improve the performance of its smartphones

MIUI 13 Lite

Surprisingly, Xiaomi released MIUI 13 Lite in upcoming updates. Xiaomi never stops creating new OS and features for its users. We are taking MIUI 13 Lite instead of MIUI 13.5. One of the Twitter users shares this information via, MIUI’s internal codes.

Two new versions of MIUI are named MIUI_LITE_VERSION and MIUI_GO_VERSION implying that it is a “Lite” variant of MIUI 13. This information was extracted from chines latest beta updates.

MIUI 13 Lite New Features

We heard every day new information from Xiaomi, just a few days ago MIUI 13.5 Develice list was released and now MIUI 13 Lite has also joined them. Although everything remains a mystery with this new version of MIUI, it is rumored that it will have a much lighter interface

, while reducing animations and other unnecessary system elements in order to improve performance.

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Xiaomi MIUI 13 Lite Codes
Xiaomi MIUI 13 Lite Codes

Thanks to MIUI 13 Lite, entry-level phones with little RAM will see their performance improve until a much more agile user experience is achieved when running applications.

Summery, we expected Xiaomi to very soon it’s globally announced this firmware and at the end of this year released it on Phones.

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MIUI 13 Lite
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