How to Open Control Center on Apple Watch [watchOS 10]

Access Control Center on Apple Watch in watchOS 10

Attention, tech lovers! It’s time to get ready for a new journey with your beloved Apple Watch, as the watchOS 10 update has been launched with WWDC23. This is the much-awaited upgrade from Apple, which brings a variety of significant changes. The access and open control center is the main one. So, are you ready to embrace this change in your familiar Apple Watch interface?

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to unlock the secret of how to navigate and open Control Center in the new watchOS 10. As we move through this fresh landscape, you’ll notice that the facility has been redesigned. To make your Apple Watch interactions more seamless and intuitive. Let’s start this exciting exploration!

What is Control Center on Apple Watch?

Control Centre is made to provide you with easy access to all of its features and settings. Swiping up from the bottom of your watch faces will take you there. It allows you to manage functions such as monitoring the battery level, switching between Aeroplane, Do Not Disturb, and Silent modes, locking your watch, pinging your iPhone, managing music playback, and more.

watchOS 10 Control Center


  • Quick access to commonly used settings
  • Check battery status and enable Power Reserve
  • Activate Silent Mode, Do Not Disturb, or Theatre Mode
  • Enable Water Lock during workouts
  • Access flashlight
  • Play a sound to find your iPhone.
  • Control music playback
  • Use a flashlight
  • Take a screenshot

watchOS 9 Control Center Vs watchOS 10 Control Center

watchOS 9watchOS 10
Accessed by swiping up from the bottom of the watch face.Accessed by pressing the side button
Can’t be accessed from the Home ScreenCan be accessed from anywhere, including inside apps and Home Screen
Dock access through the side buttonDock access moved to a double-press of the Digital Crown
watchOS 9 Control Center Vs watchOS 10 Control Center

How to Open Control Center on Apple Watch in watchOS 10

Unlocking Control Center on watchOS 10 is very easy.

Navigating or Open Control Center on watchOS 10 is a breeze – just press the side button once. That’s it! A single press takes you directly to your Apple Watch’s Control Center, whether you’re on the watch face, inside an app, or browsing widgets.

Open Control Center on Apple Watch in watchOS 10

In addition, you can now access it from your watch’s home screen, a first with this update. The new Control Center features a sleek translucent background, mirroring the look of the iPhone’s Control Center. To close Control Center, press the side button or Digital Crown again.

How to Access the Apple Watch Dock?

With the introduction of watchOS 10, access to the Dock has shifted to a double press of the Digital Crown. This dock will only display open apps and not your favorite apps like before, providing a seamless transition between your most used apps. So you can get quick access to your favorite apps.

Final Verdict

Moving this Control Center may seem awkward at first, but over time you’ll find it provides a more intuitive user experience. It’s a change that, given a few days of use, will become second nature to users. Also, with all Control Center features intact, this change isn’t so much a revolution as it is a migration.

Navigating the new OS updates can often feel like uncharted territory, but with a little guidance and a few days, you’ll soon be getting the hang of watchOS 10 like a pro. I hope this blog post made the Apple Watch transition a little easier for you.


How do I access an Open Control Center from an app in watchOS 10?

Just press the side button. This method works from any location in watchOS 10.

How do I access my most-used applications without the side button?

You can access your most-used applications via the Dock with a double press of the Digital Crown.

Can I customize the Control Center in watchOS 10?

As of the current update, Apple doesn’t offer customization options for the Control Center. The options remain the same as previous versions, just the access method has changed.

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