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Xiaomi officially released MIUI 12.5 update in many Mi and Redmi phones, but in POCO phones, not any information is available in Mi Forum, so check this post for POCO MIUI 12.5 update tracker. The update comes 40% Faster compare to the old MIUI version. Also, users can uninstall system apps like Notes, Getapp, calendar, calculator and so many other typical Xiaomi applications. Also, the team was planning to launch a new system version was MIUI 13 in August.

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This new MIUI version is faster and has lighter. It uses 20% fewer cores and 25% less power consumption. The UI animation has improved, and the number of system apps that can’t be uninstalled has been reduced to nine. You can check the all-new features of the MIUI 12.5 update via the link.

MIUI 12.5 Indian Stable Update Download

Already some of the POCO Phones are received the new MIUI 12.5 update, In Remaining POCO Devices, it will be released soon. To download your update check our poco miui 12.5 update trackers.

POCO MIUI 12.5 Update Tracker

S. No POCO Phone MIUI 12.5 Version Current Status
2POCO F2 Pro TurkeyV12.5.2.0 RJKTRXMReleased
3POCO F2 Pro GlobalV12.5.3.0 RJKMIXMReleased
4POCO F2 Pro EEAV12.5.1.0 RJKEUXMReleased
5POCO F2 Pro IndonesiaV12.5.1.0 RJKIDXMReleased
6POCO F2 Pro Russia V12.5.2.0.RJKRUXMReleased
7POCO F3 GlobalV12.5.4.0 RKHMIXMReleased
8POCO F3 EEAV12.5.3.0 RKHEUXMReleased
9POCO F3 Russia V12.5.1.0 RKHRUXMReleased
10POCO F3 Indonesia V12.5.2.0 RKHIDXMReleased
11POCO F3 GT IndiaV12.5.5.0.RKJINXMReleased
12POCO X2 IndiaV12.5.2.0 RGHINXMReleased
13POCO X3 IndiaV12.5.2.0.RJGINXMReleased
14POCO X3 Pro GlobalV12.5.4.0 RJUMIXMReleased
15POCO X3 Pro EEAV12.5.1.0 RJUEUXMReleased
16POCO X3 Pro IndiaV12.5.4.0 RJUINXMReleased
17POCO X3 Pro Indonesia V12.5.1.0 RJUIDXMReleased
18POCO X3 Pro Russia V12.5.1.0 RJURUXMReleased
19POCO X3 NFC GlobalV12.5.1.0 RJGMIXMReleased
20POCO X3 NFC EEAV12.5.2.0.RJGEUXMReleased
21POCO X3 NFC Indonesia V12.5.1.0.RJGIDXMReleased
22POCO X3 NFC Russia V12.5.1.0.RJGRUXMReleased
23POCO M2V12.5.1.0.RJRINXMReleased
24POCO M2 Pro India
25POCO M3 Global
27POCO M3 Indonesia
28POCO M3 India
29POCO M3 Russia
30POCO M3 Pro 5G Global
31POCO M3 Pro 5G EEA
32POCO M3 Pro 5G India
33POCO X3 GT IndiaV12.5.5.0.RKJINXMReleased
34POCO X3 GT GlobalV12.5.5.0.RKPMIXMReleased
35POCO X3 NFC GlobalV12.5.1.0.RJGMIXMReleased
36POCO X3 NFC IndonesiaV12.5.1.0.RJGIDXMReleased
37POCO X3 NFC RussiaV12.5.1.0.RJGRUXMReleased
38POCO C3 India

[22 September Update]

In POCO M3 Pro 5G and Redmi Note 10 5G new update was released in the Global region and the build version is V12.0.7.0.RKSMIXM and also come with July patch updates. All POCO M3 users are waiting for the next MIUI 12.5 update but currently, it’s not released yet. So wait for few more days to get upcoming updates.

[19 September Update]

On 19th September POCO F2 Pro global device finally received a new MIUI 12.5 update with the latest build version V12.5.3.0.RJKMIXM. Taking about the size of this update around 3.0GB for recovery ROM and 748MB for OTA updates. You can download it from here.

[18 September Update]

Only one POCO phone received a new update in the last week of September. POCO M3 EEA region device gets MIUI update with latest Android security updates. Download from here


[14 September Update]

The Global POCO F3 Global has now received one of its MIUI 12.5 enhanced edition updates that also bumps up its latest bugs fixes and new RAM management.

[6 September Update]

In the 1st week of September so many POCO phones have been gettings new updates of MIUI 12.5. Check the above table to get new update trackers. Finally, POCO X2 Indian users have been received MIUI updates, POCO F3 global users gettings MIUI updates, POCO F3 GT gets MIUI update, and finally, POCO X3 Pro Indian users have been getting MIUI updates.

[30 August Update]

  • At the end of the August month two POCO phone have recived MIUI 12.5 update, POCO F3 GT Indian device recived MIUI update, check here. And POCO X3 MIUI released.

[26 August Update]

  • On August 26, POCO X3 Pro new update MIUI released for All Global device. Couples of day ago new MIUI released but after 1 month again it’s released.

[19 August Update]

  • On August 19, POCO M2 india device recived new MIUI 12.5 update with Android 11. For Downloading this update on POCO M2 click here.

[16 August Update]

  • POCO X3 NFC verient finally recived fastboot version of MIUI 12.5 in Russia and Indonesia regions. It’s come with so many new features and lag free users experience.

[11 August Update]

  • Xiaomi again released MIUI 12.5 update in sveral POCO phones for limited users and also released in POCO X3 GT global users and POCO X3 NFC Global users.

[5 August Update]

  • Good News For POCO X2 users, finally xiaomi released MIUI 12.5 new update in public users and you can also download from your system update via OTA. Download POCO X2 update here.

[3nd August Update]

  • MIUI RJKTRXM MIUI 12.5 Stable update released in Turkey for limited users, you can download this recovery and OTA file from here.

[2nd August Update]

  • In India POCO X3 device recived new V12.0.2.0.RJGINXM Stable update. Agian MIUI 12.5 update was not avillable for POCO X3 users. You can download this new update in POCO X3 by click on this link.

[30th July Update]

  • MIUI 12.5 New Stable tester requirement started for all POCO Users, check below video for check how to answer the POCO Mi Pilot tester and register your devices. After sucesfful slected users recived new Mi Stable tester update early.

[28 July Update]

  • POCO X3 NFC Global device users are getting new MIUI update, this update for mi pilot tester not for all public users, wait for few days to install this update in your xiaomi phones.

[27 July Update]

  • POCO F3 GT new MIUI 12.5 update released in India, this update rolledout for all F3 GT users, Click (here) to download latest update in your devices

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