PUBG Mobile Lite v0.22.1 latest APK+OBB file download link for Android devices

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The latest APK+OBB file download link for PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 can be found here. The developers released this update in December 2021 and no further updates have been released since then.

PUBG Mobile Lite’s V0.22.1 update fixes some bugs and glitches while also making UI improvements. It is expected to be released as part of the next big update. Due to confusion over the latest PUBG Mobile Lite version, this article provides a link for Android devices to download the 0.22.1 version APK+OBB file. Read more How to enable 90 FPS in BGMI in Xiaomi phones?  

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.1 version APK+OBB file direct download link

India’s large PUBG Mobile Lite player base can be attributed to the availability of low-end devices. In addition to PUBG Mobile Lite, players used VPNs to play BGMI Lite while they waited for it to arrive. PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.10 APK + OBB download link is now available:  

For Android devices, players can directly download the latest PUBG Mobile Lite APK file using the link below:  

PUBG Mobile Lite v0.22.1 latest APK+OBB file direct download link: Click here to download

How to install PUBG Mobile Lite V0.22.1 APK + OBB

The size of OBB files is around 700MB and 192MB for APK, so before downloading and installing must check your phone storage was clear.

After downloading the file above, players have to follow these simple steps to install the game on their devices:

  • Step 1: After the downloding APK file is on their devices, you can install APK first.
  • Step 2: The user can then launch the game and complete installing the required in-game patch to enjoy the 0.22.1 version.

If players encounter a parsing issue during the APK file installation process, they should try reinstalling the game. If this does not resolve the issue, they may need to relaunch or reinstall the game file again.

PUBG Mobile Lite v0.22.1 latest APK+OBB file download link for Android devices

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