Realme UI 4.0 Update Download and Update List

Downlaod Realme UI 4.0 Update

Realme has introduced the latest version of Realme UI 4.0 on its smartphone after the success of the Realme UI 3.0 update, which will be based on the Android 13 operating system.

Google has already rolled out Android 13 updates, while nowadays many Realme flagship phones are receiving this new Realme UI 4.0 update along with Android 13. In China, the beta updates already come with some new UI changes and features as follows.

What is Realme UI 4.0?

Realme UI 4.0 is the latest version of the custom user interface developed by Realme for its smartphones. Which is based on Android 13 and offers a new UI design, improved performance, and some new features. Some of the key features of Realme UI 4.0 include an updated dark mode, improved privacy and security, a new focus mode, an updated camera mode, and features.

Realme UI 4.0 Features

Realme UI 4.0, the latest version of Realme’s custom user interface, brings many new features and improvements over its predecessor. Some of its main features are as follows,

  • Updated UI Design: This new update from Realme comes with a new visual design that offers a more modern, sleek, and clean look. Which simplifies the app configuration.
  • Dark Mode: The Realme UI 4.0 update has improved Dark Mode over its previous version and now includes a more consistent color scheme, wallpapers, and improved icons.
  • Privacy and Security: Privacy and security features have been improved, allowing users better control over their data and hiding and protecting their confidential data.
  • Focus Mode: A new Focus Mode has been added, which helps users reduce distractions (helps reduce phone usage) and focus on their work or studies.
  • The improved camera features: This new update 4.0 from Realme has updated the camera features, which brings better performance and new shooting modes. Which helps in focusing on the object and taking portrait pictures.
  • Smooth performance: Realme UI 4.0 has been designed to provide better and smoother performance, making it more responsive and efficient. Which consumes less RAM in your phone and manages background processes well.
  • Personalization: Realme UI 4.0 offers users more customization options, allowing them to customize their devices according to their preferences.
  • AOD: Based on users’ feedback some new AOD styles have also been added to smartphones but only limited Realme phone AOD support new features.

How to Download Realme UI 4.0 Update

If you do not get the new update notification, then follow these steps to Check and download the new Realme update,

  • First, make sure your Realme device is connected to a Wi-Fi network
  • Open the “Settings” app on your Realme device
  • Then click on About Device
  • Find the “Software Update” option here and tap on it
  • Now, the system will check the latest update available for your phone and click on the “Download” button to download this new update.
How to Download Realme UI 4.0 Update

Wait for the update to download and install. Your device may restart several times during the update process.

Realme UI 4.0 Download Link

DeviceVersionDownload Link
Realme 9 Pro PlusRealme UI 4.0 (C.08)Download
Realme 9i 4GRealme UI 4.0 (F.01)Download
Realme 9 5G Speed EditionRealme UI 4.0 (F.01)Download

Realme UI 4.0 Update Tracker and Release Date

November 2022Realme GT 2 Pro
Realme GT Neo 3/150W
Realme GT 2
Realme 9i 5G
December 2022Realme GT Neo 3T
Realme 9 Pro+ 5G
Realme 9 Pro 5G
Realme Narzo 50 Pro 5G
Realme GT Neo 2 5G
February 2022Realme GT
Realme Narzo 50  5G
Realme 8 5G
Realme Narzo 30 5G
Realme X7 Max 5G
Realme 9i
Realme 9
March 2022Realme 8s 5G
Realme 10
Realme Narzo 50A
Realme C25s
Realme 8 Pro
Realme 9 5G
Realme 9 SE
Q2 2023Realme 8 4G
Realme 8i
Realme Narzo 50
Q3 2023Realme Narzo 50A Prime
Realme C35
Realme C31
Realme C30
Realme Narzo 50i Prime
Realme C33
RealmeUI 4.0 Device List By TechRush

Realme UI 4.0 Supported Devices

Here is the list of all the Realme devices that will get the Android 13-based Realme UI 4.0 update in the next few days.

GT Series

  • Realme GT
  • Realme GT 2
  • Realme GT 2 Pro
  • Realme GT Neo 2
  • Realme GT Neo 2 DBCE
  • Realme GT Neo 2T
  • Realme GT Neo 3
  • Realme GT Neo Flash
  • Realme GT Master Edition
  • Realme GT Neo

Number Series

  • Realme 8i
  • Realme 8 4G
  • Realme 8 5G
  • Realme 8 Pro
  • Realme 8S 5G
  • Realme 9i
  • Realme 9 Pro+
  • Realme 9 Pro

NARZO Series

  • Narzo 30A
  • Narzo 30
  • Narzo 30 Pro
  • Narzo 50A
  • Narzo 50i

X Series

  • Realme X7 Max
  • Realme X7 Pro Extreme Edition

V & Q Series

  • Realme V11
  • Realme V11
  • Realme Q3
  • Realme Q3i
  • Realme Q3 Pro

Realme UI 4.0 is a significant upgrade that offers a wide range of new features, optimizations, and enhancements to Realme smartphones. To download this update onto your device, just follow the steps outlined above. Please let us know your device name and the latest version of the Realme UI update you have in the comments section.

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