Redmi Writing Pad Review: Best Writing Pad 2022

Redmi Writing Pad review

Xiaomi launched a super affordable Redmi Writing Pad for students at just Rs 599 in India. These pad comes with Premium Styles Pen and 1-year long battery life capacity.

As the name suggests, the Redmi Writing Pad is a smart tablet just for writing and sketching. You cannot watch movies or any other tablet functions. You can play old paper games like tic-tac-toe and dots and boxes only on this pad.

Redmi Writing Pad on the table

What is Redmi Writing Pad?

The Redmi writing pad is a digital paper that you can write, draw and play games with the stylus pen. It is easy to use and erase all data with just one button.

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What’s in the Redmi Writing Pad box?

  1. Redmi Writing Pad Unit
  2. Redmi Stylus Pen
  3. User Manual
  4. In-built Button Cell Battery

Redmi Writing Pad Specifications

Weight90 grams
BatteryButton cell
Display Size8.5 inches
MaterialABS, Polymer, LCD
PriceRs 599 INR

The Redmi writing pad comes with a 21.6 cm (8.5 inch) LCD screen, one-year battery life, a Home delete button, and a screen lock key. Also for writing notes, you get a Premium Stylus pen inside the box.

Redmi Writing Pad with Stylus Pan

The Redmi writing pad is pressure sensitive, so you can draw thin and thick lines according to your drawings. It is very convenient and easy to use without any delay while drawing. Personally, I’ve used this writing pad for the past couple of days and haven’t had any problems while writing.

For accidentally pressing the erase button, you can switch to lock mode and save your work. In lock mode, you cannot delete any data on the writing pad, it is a very important feature of the Redmi writing pad.

Redmi Writing Pad Lock mode

The pad comes with a removable button-style battery, which gives you 1-year power backup and offers more than 20,000 pages.

Redmi Writing Pad battery

This writing board is made of ABS material and the whole device weighs only 90g. The device is currently only available on the Xiaomi India website.

The Writing Experience of Redmi Writing Pad

According to my 1 week of usage, Redmi Writing Pad doesn’t feel like paper; it feels like a digital chalkboard. Thanks to the stylus pen we can draw a very thin and thick lines for our sketches. One more feature missing in this pad is, for any mistake you need to erase everything and start work again from zero.

Redmi Writing Pad Home Button

Capacity Test

For checking word capacity and how many words fit on this writing pad, I write one article twice; one time in normal handwriting and the other time in tiny handwriting.

  • If your handwriting is tiny, you can write up to 70 words and upto 250 characters on the Redmi writing Pad.
Redmi Writing Pad test
  • If your handwriting is not small, you might only be able to write up to 60 words.
Redmi Writing Pad word capacity

Sensitivity Test

This pad comes with pressure-sensitive writing, so I draw multiple lines with different pressures. The thick and thin lines depend on the stylus pen, but here I only used the stylus that’s come in the box. Check below the result,

Redmi Pressure Writing Pad

Advantages of Redmi Writing Pad

The main advantage of Writing Pad is; reusable, easy to use, and eco-friendly. By using of writing pad we save the cutting tree and save the environment. Daily millions of trees are cut in forests due to make paper for everyone, so we can stop that activity by using digital writing pads.

Disadvantages of Redmi Writing Pad

You can’t direct store your notes, not remember old notes and for any mistakes, you need to erase all the data.

My Honest Thoughts After One Month of Using Redmi Writing Pad

Is the best writing pad in 2022? Of course, No. Based on a price tag of Rs 599 INR it’s a very affordable and minimal design writing pad in the market.

  • I like the writing experience: Super Fast, Minimal, Long Battery
  • Not affect your eye while wiring and reading
  • Very lightweight
  • I don’t like that I can’t undo my actions or save my files.