9 Amazing New Samsung One Ui 5.0 Features – You Need to Know

One Ui 5.0 Features

Google released the Android 13 update on its Google Pixel Phones. Now, many companies are introducing Android 13 in their premium range smartphones. Samsung has also released Android 13 with the new One Ui 5.0 update and many new features are there.

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Samsung has released the One Ui 5.0 public beta in select countries such as Korea, the United States, and India. Samsung already released OneUI 5.0 Device list and its release date. This update’s Main Highlights are Customized wallpaper, Change Call background, adding watermark on photos, and adding multiple users.

If you want to know more about this update, read this article and then use these features on your Samsung mobile.

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One Ui 5.0 Features List

  • Home Screen layout changes
  • New lock screen
  • Change System Color Palette
  • Intelligent Wi-Fi
  • Smart Suggestions Widget
  • Change Call Backgrounds
  • New notification panel style
  • Change Camera Ui
  • Support Multiple Users

Home Screen layout changes

With the One Ui 5.0 update, you can see more options in the wallpaper and style sections. Samsung is now offering a lot of new background color combinations to its users. It is divided into 8 different primary colors and 4 bi-colors according to the background of the dynamic background.

One Ui 5.0 vs One Ui 4.1

How to Use Dynamic Lock Screen

The dynamic lock screen feature help to change wallpaper automatically each time when your device is locked. You must have heard this name after the launch of the iPhone 14 series. To use a dynamic lock screen, follow these steps,

  • Go to Your lock screen Wallpaper.
  • Scroll Down to the Wallpaper Service Section and Click on it.
  • Tap on Dynamic Lock Screen.
  • Now Click on Apply, to Use the Dynamic lock Screen feature.

New lock screen

In this update, Samsung brought new wallpapers and widgets for lock screen customization. Touch and hold the lock screen wallpaper to use this feature.

One UI 5.0 Custom Lock Screen
  • Change Clock style.
  • New Wallpaper Library.
  • Change Home Widgets.
  • Change Lock Screen Left-right Shortcut.

Change System Color Palette

In the One Ui 5.0 update, Samsung is adopting Material You which is one of the improvements added by Google in Android 13. When changing the wallpaper, your device automatically changes the system UI color up to 16%.

One Ui 5.0 System Color Palette

Intelligent Wi-Fi

After upgrading to One UI 5.0 update, you can also check in-depth information about your wifi network. This feature helps to check if to lose your wifi data when you connect to a new wifi connection. Follow the below steps to enable Intelligent Wi-Fi on Samsung phones,

How to see the Intelligent Wi-Fi feature

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Intelligent Wi-Fi.
  • Tapping Ten times on Intelligent Wi-Fi, and Enable it.
  • Now you can see the various Wifi option. From this click on Nearby Wi-Fi information.
One Ui 5.0 Intelligent Wifi

Smart Suggestions Widget

One Ui 4 Stacked Widgets are now called Smart widgets. With is Update these widgets Easily move and Add to the Lock Screen and Home Screen. You can also add Smart Widgets, you can simply drag and Drop one widget to another.

Change Call Backgrounds

After One UI 5.0, you can add many Call wallpaper on individual contacts, also you can add videos and emojis.

One Ui 5.0 Call Background

New Notification Panel Style

In the One Ui 5.0 update, notifications are now slightly different from the previous One Ui 4.1. In this update, the notifications panel looks more attractive and stunning.

One Ui 5.0 Notification Panel

Change Camera UI

With the One Ui 5.0 update, you can see some small changes in the Camera app. These features help to improve your photography experience.

  • Add a Watermark on your Photos.
  • Add Details like Date, time, Model name, and other text.
  • Add Three different fonts for the watermark.
One Ui 5.0 New Camera Ui

Support Multiple Users

The main change with this update is that you can now add multiple users to your phone. This feature was available in older versions of One Ui, but later Samsung removed this feature. But it’s back on One Ui 5.0 under Accounts and Backup options.

One Ui 5.0 Multiple Users

Hope you like these One Ui 5.0 features and then we will update this post when new features come.