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Best 3 miui themes
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Hello Xiaomi Fans,
Today I will give you TOP 3 Xiaomi themes which are available on MI Theme Center, So you can directly download from Store. Many people are customizing their device so it’s helpful to customize their xiaomi device. There are many changes in this theme. If you’re using a Xiaomi phone, please use the Official Theme Store link for the better experience.

(Theme 1) Android Go V10

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(Theme 2) AQUA_DWM19

(Theme 3) Extra Dark


  • I’ve tried this theme on my Redmi Note 6 Pro device running MIUI, and they all worked well. However, some themes might not natively support devices with 16:9 screen ratio, and you may have problems for this reason.
  • Restart your phone after apply this theme.
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