TOP 3 OnePlus OxgenOs Xiaomi Theme Download

Try Dark Color V11 MIUI theme with beautiful icons. Download MIUI theme on your Xiaomi Redmi device with official Theme Store Link.
Top 3 OnePlus Xiaomi THEME
Top 3 OnePlus Xiaomi THEME

Hey MIUI Users,
Today I will be going to share TOP 3 MIUI Themes for the Xiaomi device. If you are using the Xiaomi device and apply the OnePlus Oxegen OS theme in your device so you are right place. There are many changes in this theme. If you’re using a Xiaomi phone, please use the Official Theme Store link for the better experience.

1) OxegenOs 10.0 Dark MIUI THEME

THEME NAME : Oxgen OS 10.0_Dark

Designer : S21696

2)Oneplus experience v2 MIUI THEME

THEME NAME : Oneplus Experience v2

Designer NAME : Toadnail

3)Oneplus Experience MIUI THEME

THEME NAME : Oneplus Experience

Designer Name : Todnail


NOTES πŸ™‚ ​

We are tried this theme on POCO X2 running MIUI, and they all worked perfectly. However, some themes might not be support devices with a 16:9 screen ratio, and you may have problems for this reason. Therefore, you can restart your device after applying this theme.


  1. First, click on download MIUI Theme.
  2. Open this link into MI Browser Only.
  3. Automatically Redirect into Theme Center
  4. You can see the themes are available.
  5. Scroll down and click on Download.
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