How to Use AirPlay in Hotel Rooms From iPhone [iOS 17]

Use AirPlay in Hotel Rooms From iPhone

While traveling we often need to live in an unfamiliar environment and any place. But when it comes to entertainment, we want to have fun and chill just like at home. Recognizing this, Apple has introduced a new feature called AirPlay in Hotel Rooms with its latest iOS 17.

Apple has been making unique changes to this feature for a long time and wants to enhance the user experience. This unique functionality will allow users to stream their personal content to hotel room TVs, making your travels feel like home. This article aims to give you an in-depth understanding of this new feature and guide you on how to use AirPlay in Hotel Rooms From your iPhone.

What is AirPlay in Hotel Room?

AirPlay for Hotel Rooms is a feature added by Apple, which allows users to securely share their personal content such as photos, videos, and music from their iPhones to hotel room TVs via AirPlay. The feature is designed to work seamlessly in supported hotel rooms, reducing privacy risks and providing users with a home-like experience while traveling.


  • Personalized content: Access your personal media libraries.
  • Convenience: Use your familiar devices and interfaces.
  • Broad content options: Access content from various streaming platforms.
  • Continuous viewing: Resume your content where you left off.
  • Enhanced interactivity: Share photos, videos, and presentations.

Why Do We Need “AirPlay in Hotel Room” Feature in iOS 17?

Traditional in-room hotel entertainment options such as cable or pay-per-view are limited and expensive, while access to our personal data by unknown sources can often pose a threat. While this new feature helps reduce these issues by allowing users to stream their own content from their personal Apple devices, making the viewing experience more personalized and convenient.

Now, let’s see how you can take advantage of this new feature in a hotel room through your iPhone.

How to Use AirPlay in Hotel Rooms on iPhone

Before we get started, please ensure that you’re using an iPhone with iOS 17 or later, as this feature is exclusive to the latest versions of Apple’s mobile operating system.


Check AirPlay Compatibility: Not all hotels currently support AirPlay in hotel rooms. When you check into a hotel, ask the front desk or check your in-room TV for a unique AirPlay QR code. This indicates the room is AirPlay-ready.

Here are the necessary steps to use AirPlay in hotel rooms:

Step 1: Connect to Wi-Fi

  • First, Connect your iPhone to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. This is essential because AirPlay operates over Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code

  • Find the unique AirPlay QR code on the TV in your room. Open the Camera app on your iPhone and scan this QR code. Then, a prompt will appear on your phone to connect to the TV via AirPlay.

Step 3: Connect to AirPlay

  • Follow the prompts to connect to AirPlay. Your iPhone will establish a secure connection with the in-room TV.

Step 4: Start Streaming

  • Once connected, you can start streaming content from your iPhone to the TV. You can do this by opening a media app (like Apple Music, Photos, or Apple TV+), tapping the AirPlay icon, and selecting the hotel TV from the list of available devices.

Step 5: Disconnecting from AirPlay

  • After you use AirPlay, disconnecting from the hotel TV can be a good habit for you. You can turn it off by going to Control Center on your iPhone, tapping the AirPlay icon, and selecting “Stop Mirroring”.
AirPlay in Hotel Rooms

Key Facts About AirPlay for Hotel Rooms

  • This feature is still in its early stages and, currently only available in select hotels. But with the new update, this facility will be made available at different hotels.
  • LG is partnering with Apple to bring AirPlay to hotel rooms on its “Pro: Centric Smart Hotel TV”.
  • On-device intelligence on iOS 17 allows your iPhone to learn your AirPlay preferences over time, suggesting familiar connections during subsequent hotel stays.


AirPlay facility for hotel rooms anywhere in the traveling world is One of the most important features created to have a personalized guest experience. This facility combines the comforts of home with the luxury of a hotel stay, providing you with a sense of entertainment and hospitality.

Remember, your AirPlay connection is secure, so you don’t have to worry about anyone else in the hotel viewing your content. This feature brings your favorite content to your hotel room, providing a more personalized and comfortable entertainment experience during your stay.


Can I use AirPlay for hotel rooms with older iOS versions?

No, this feature only works with iOS 17 and later versions.