How to Use Smart Search Filter in iMessage on iPhone [iOS 17]

Use Smart Search Filter in iMessage on iPhone

Searching for specific messages on your iPhone used to be a tedious task, but with the release of the iOS 17 update, that’s all changed. Now, Apple has introduced smart search filters in the iMessage App, allowing you to effortlessly locate messages, links, documents, and media files. In this post, we will guide you on how to use the iMessage Smart Search Filter on your iPhone.

For instance, whether you’re trying to recall a specific website link sent by a friend or need to find an image you shared, this new feature aims to make your search quick and precise.

What is Smart Search Filter in iMessage on iOS 17?

Searching for a specific text or media file (such as an image, document, or other file) on your iPhone just got a lot easier with iOS 17’s smart search filters in iMessage. This new feature lets you quickly locate messages, links, documents, and more without scrolling through endless conversations.

Smart Search Filter in iMessage

In short, with the latest update, finding exactly what you need in the Messages app is now just a few taps away. It’s user-friendly and adds efficiency to your iMessage experience.

How to Access iOS 17 Smart Search Filters in iMessage

Accessing the new smart search filters in iMessage on iOS 17 is a breeze. Follow these steps:

  • Lunch the Messages app on your iPhone, and tap the “Filters button” at the top left corner.
  • As an alternative, just swipe from left to right on the Messages page to reach the Filters page.
  • Once you’re on the Filters page, you’ll see various options listed.
Access iOS 17 Smart Search Filters in iMessage

And that’s it! These easy steps will get you to the new smart search filters in no time, letting you manage your messages like a pro.

Default Smart Filters in iMessage App

The iOS 17 update adds smart filters to your Messages app, simplifying message sorting. Simply open the iMessage app > Swipe right > Hidden menu filled with useful filters.

These filters (Legacy filters) in the Messages app make managing your inbox easy, and by default, they help you focus on what’s most important.

Default Legacy filters in iMessage App
  • All Messages: Displays every message in your inbox, without any filters.
  • Known Senders: Shows messages from contacts saved on your iPhone or those you’ve previously communicated with.
  • Unknown Senders: Lists messages from unsaved contacts, which could include new acquaintances or potential spam.
  • Unread Messages: Highlights messages you haven’t yet read, so you can catch up quickly.

Now you will also find the new Smart Filters under “Filtered by SMS Filters“. This includes:

Default Smart Filters in iMessage App
  • All Transactions: A category filter that houses sub-filters for all finance-related messages such as UPI payments, credit card bills, or share purchases.
  • Finance: Use this to quickly access all messages related to monetary transactions like bank alerts, credit card bills, or investment updates.
  • Orders: Easily spot messages confirming orders from various services like food delivery or e-commerce sites.
  • Reminders: Keep tabs on messages reminding you of tasks like bill payments or appointments.
  • Promotions: One-stop spot for all promotional messages, including coupon codes and special offers from various platforms.

Use Smart Search Filters in iMessage on iPhone

Simply launch the iMessage apps, and you’ll see the search bar at the top. Now you’re ready to use smart filters to find exactly what you need with precision in no time!

Messages from a Specific Sender

Looking to find a specific message, image, or URL sent by a friend? Here’s a simple guide to help you search for a friend and then use smart filters to locate the content in the Messages app:

  • Open Messages and tap on the search box to search.
  • Type a name or number and tap “Messages with: name.”
  • Add a keyword to narrow down the search (e.g., “Bhavik“).
  • Tap “See All” to view all matching texts or tap a message to view it fully.
Messages from a Specific Sender

Finding messages with Photos, Locations, Links, Documents, and More

From All Messages: Type “Photo,” “Location,” “Link,” or “Document” in the search box and select it. Tap on an item to view it, or tap “See All” to see all the items

From a Specific Contact: Enter your specific contact’s name, then tap “Link,” “Photo,” or “Location.” To find documents from a person, type “document,” and select the suggestion.

Finding messages with Photos and More

To Finding Your Specific Messages…

The iOS 17’s smart search filters in the Messages app are an advanced feature for finding specific messages. With the use of this filter, finding messages, photos, or links has been simpler. It’s a user-friendly update that makes your iPhone even more efficient. In short, this feature takes messaging to the next level, saving you time and effort.

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