BGMI 2.1 Update Patch Note

author: techrush

On July 14, the new version of BGMI was launched in India for Android and iOS users.

BGMI 2.1.0 Update

The Ancient Secret Mode is coming to BGMI. You can meet the great being from the starting island! 

Ancient Secret : Arise 

Ancient ruins appear in Erangel. The ruins are protected by mummy guards and flying monsters. In the jackal ruins, you can get a treasure box by solving the puzzle 

Scarab and Jackal Ruins 

A sandstorm zone will appear in a random city in the map. You can find abundant supplies, including the scarab charm that lets you revive on your own. 

Sandstorm City 

The emperor's temple can be located in two areas on the map. The pyramid will disappear after some time the game has started and the emperor's temple will appear. 

Emperor Temple 

Lynx AMR, is added to the supply crate. Lynx AMR is a powerful SR that has faster shooting speed than existing SRs 

New Weapon - Lynx AMR 

- Get knocked out by a vehicle explosion - Sound Training mode - Changes to gun

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