‘WhatsApp Communities’ new features launched in Feb 2022

WhatsApp Communities new features

WhatsApp has been testing several features to make its application more user friendly the past few weeks. Visual elements, voice interface, and notification features make up most of the features.  

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According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp’s development tracker, the instant messaging service is working towards creating a ‘WhatsApp Community.‘ In the WhatsApp Community, group administrators have more control over their groups. It’s a kind of group chat where administrators can link to other groups within the group.  

WhatsApp Communities download
'WhatsApp Communities' new features launched in Feb 2022

WhatsApp for iOS beta version has a screenshot of WhatsApp Communities in it, according to WABetaInfo

  • Bring your groups together: Add the groups you manage to one place for easy access
  • Reach everyone at once: Send announcements to all members and keep them updated

WhatsApp Communities Features and Changelog

Like a regular group chat, Community has a name and a description. After typing the name and the description of the community, the user will have the option of linking up to 10 groups to the community.

This screenshot shows there is also a new “Announcement” group. We didn’t create it, but it seems that WhatsApp will create it automatically to allow users to post messages that might be forwarded to other groups.

It is not even possible to test the WhatsApp Communities beta yet since the feature is still under development. As soon as news is released about this and other WhatsApp features, we will inform you. 

WhatsApp Communities new features