Why is Apple Music Replay Not Working? Quick Fixes for 2023 Issues

Fix Why is Apple Music Replay Not Working

2023 is just around the corner, and as expected, the annual Apple Music Replay is now available. You can check out your personalized review of 2023’s music. Apple Music Replay offers animated highlights of your top artists, your most played songs, how many hours you listened to music, and many other stats.

If you’re having trouble accessing Apple Music Replay, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many Apple users are experiencing this issue. I’ll provide a quick guide on why Apple Music Replay not working on your device. So stick with me and follow these steps.

Apple Music Replay 2023

How to Fix Apple Music Replay Not Working

There are several reasons why Apple Music Replay not working. Sometimes, the issue is with our device, like certain settings being off, and other times, it’s on Apple’s end, such as a technical server outage. Check each of these steps to troubleshoot.

Check “Use Listening History” is Enabled

The most crucial step for Apple Music Replay is to ensure your “Use Listening History” feature is enabled on your device. If this setting is off, you won’t get any Apple Music Replay stats. This setting tracks your app data and compiles your yearly listening summary.

To enable this:

  • Go to your device’s Settings app and open Music.
  • Scroll a bit and enable “Use Listening History.”
Enable Apple Music Use Listening History Features

Once enabled, your data will start to be tracked and displayed on Apple Music Replay. If this setting was off before and you’ve just enabled it, only the most recent data will sync and be shown based on your usage.

Check Apple Music Subscription

Your Apple Music Replay might not work if your Apple Music subscription has expired or if you’re logged in with a different Apple ID. To check your subscription and account, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on your Apple ID.
  • Go to Subscriptions.
  • Under Subscriptions, click on Apple Music.
  • Check your subscription renewal date.
Check Apple Music Subscriptions

If it shows “Your Subscription has expired,” it means your Apple Music Subscription has ended, and you can’t access Apple Music Replay 2023.

Try Apple Music Replay on the Web

Some users might not know how to access Apple Music Replay 2023 correctly. This feature is only accessible via a web browser. I recommend opening the Apple Music Replay website in your Safari browser and logging in with your correct Apple Music ID.

Check Apple Music Subscription Server Status

Sometimes, the problem stems from Apple due to technical issues and server outages in several regions. Visit the Apple System Status website and check the “Apple Music Subscription” status. If it’s green, everything is fine; other colors indicate problems.

Check Apple System Status for error

In this case, wait until Apple’s development team resolves the issue. If there’s a server outage, your Apple Music subscription might not sync with the Apple Music Replay site, and your data won’t be found. Wait a few hours and check back later.


Fixing this issue isn’t rocket science; just follow these simple steps. If you still can’t access your data, consider contacting Apple Support for further assistance.

I hope these methods help get your Apple Music Replay 2023 working properly, allowing you to track and share your full year’s data.