How to enable 90 FPS Screen Recorder in Android phones?

90 FPS Xiaomi

So finally, Xiaomi’s new Screen Recorder update was released for all devices, which runs on MIUI 12 and higher miui versions. In this update, users enable 90 FPS Screen Recorders for their devices and record the entire screen with very high FPS.

For competitive games like PUBG, FAUG, FREE FIRE & Call Of Duty type gameplay record with high FPS with use of this new screen recording update. The new version was V.1.9.6. You can download this version from the below link.

Enable 90 FPS Screen Recorder In Xiaomi Device
Enable 90 FPS Screen Recorder In Xiaomi Device

How to Enable 90 FPS Screen Recorder

  • Download the new update from the below link.
  • Install in your Xiaomi, Redmi & Poco devices,
  • After installing the new update open it.
  • Now, go to settings of screen recorder, scroll down and click on Frame Rate
  • Choose your preferred FPS setting
  • Now Enjoyed it.


How do I record my screen in 90 fps?

If your smartphone refresh is more than 60Hz, then download Xiaomi Screen Recorder on your android device and record in 90FPS or 120FPS screen.

What FPS is best for screen recording?

60fps is enough for screen recording, but for extra smooth playback go for 90fps or higher.