Xiaomi debuts “Pure Mode” on China MIUI 13 update | How to enable?

xiaomi pure mode enable

China: Xiaomi introduce new features called Pure Mode (Secure Mode) in MIUI 13 beta updates. These new features are currently under testing and a limited number of Mi Pilot testers can use this mode. Pure mode protects your phones from Junk files and malware from unknown sources. Read more Download POCO Launcher 4.0 New Apk with latest features

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What is Pure Mode?

As the name suggests, it is a software-based security feature for smartphones that guards them against malicious files, viruses, and other malicious software. All files are scanned before installation when this mode is on. Read More Download Pure Mode Xiaomi security app update latest 2022 version.

The system will warn you if any unauthorized activity is detected. It will then give you two options, either continue with the unwanted app or ignore it. As shown below, the “Pure Mode” is divided into four levels of security checks.  

  1. Virus detection: scans for a virus or trojan to provide system-based security.
  2. Privacy detection: detects if any kind of privacy loophole is there or not.
  3. Compatibility detection: to provide the best user experience, it detects if an application is compatible with the system or not.
  4. Manual review: Application scanned through Secure Mode is manually reviewed by MIUI devs.
Xiaomi pure mode enable in MIUI 13 updates

How to enable Pure Mode in Xiaomi ?

Follow these steps to enable Pure (Secure) mode in your phone, but consider one thing, your phone is must be installed MIUI 13 update.

  1. Open Installer app
  2. Click on Settings at the top right corner of your phone.
  3. Now from there, click on Settings and go to Secure Mode
  4. Now tap on “Turn on now” and this can finally enable Secure mode in your Xiaomi smartphone

To disable Secure or pure mode, follow the same steps mentioned above, and now on the final step, you may get the “Turn off now” button. Click on that and this will successfully disable it. Read More MIUI 13 Latest Update Tracker 2022 for Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices.

Xiaomi debuts “Pure Mode” on China MIUI 13 update | How to enable?

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