Xiaomi MIUI 13.5 new features leaked on the internet – New System UI coming soon?

Xiaomi MIUI 13.5 new features leaked on the internet

Xiaomi has started workes on MIUI 13.5 alpha version, and some new features are leaked internet. As we early mention that few limited flagship phones are under the testing stage of MIUI 13.5. Check below all the new MIUI 13.5 features with proofs. Read More How to Download Game Turbo 5.0 APK on Xiaomi phones?

MIUI 13.5 New Features:

Recently developer preview of MIUI was released in China and several new MIUI 13.5 features are unexpectedly shown case them. We discuss all the latest upcoming changes of MIUI system updates. 

MIUI Package Installer

Nowadays, the Xiaomi developer team is focused on enhanced privacy and security of their devices. Due to the past, in some incidents company rollout a new MIUI package installer in developer preview. MIUI package installer is one system default app that monitors malware in APK files and figures out any missed behavior activities. In past MIUI updates, we all know MIUI Pure mode also works similarly and improves user security. 

The latest MIUI package installer completely changes with the new user interface (UI design) and changes to fresh looks. Read More MIUI 13.5 Eligible Devices and Ineligible Devices List [May 2022]


Secure Mode

MIUI Secure mode is prevented Neutralize risk and keeps your device secure from unwanted ransomware and malware attacks. It’s new software developed by Xiaomi and improved payment security in primary phones. 

MIUI 13.5 New Secure Mode

Fingerprint Scanner

After four major updates, Xiaomi first time changed the fingerprint scanner animations and UI design. It’s not a big change or any performance improvement, but in the next MIUI 13.5 update dev team planned to totally revamp with new looks. Show below video, new glowing effects and animations are added while scanning the finger with fingerprint sensors. 

MIUI 13.5 New Fingerprint Scanner ANIMATIONS

Incognito Mode

Privacy is the first concern in our life. Incognito mode helps to search for something on the internet without a footprint of history. It provides anonymity on the internet and we are safe from personalized ads. 

Now in the next MIUI 13.5 updates, users can directly enable Incognito mode from the MIUI control center and search for anything anonymously.

MIUI 13.5 Incognito Mode

Privacy Flairs

This feature is quite impressive and helpful to all internet and smartphone users. These new privacy flairs help you to find out which background processes are running. Like any third-party application use your camera access, microphone access, and or any other data without your prior permission, Then you can see it on the top left corner of your phone screen. 

One pop-up automatically showcases on the top left corner while any unwanted activity runs in the background. Click on the toggle button to find out the history of background usage and monitor which app use your phone without your permission. 

MIUI 13 Privacy Flairs

Currently, these features are leaked for us in the MIUI 13.5 version. For more information, you can check TechRushi.com

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