[Update] Xiaomi New MIUI 13 Features


Xiaomi again gives some hints about the upcoming new system update was MIUI 13. Finally, so many new MIUI 13 Features are coming from leakers. Check all the new features and the released date of this update.

In Global and other regions currently, MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 update was released for all the users, if you don’t get a new update then click on this link.

All New Xiaomi MIUI 13 Features

  • Smart Toolbox
  • New Xiaomi Home UI
  • Preserve Camera Settings
  • App Vault Cargo Tracking Widget
  • New Small Window Mode
  • Assistant Mascot
  • Memory Extension Features
  • New Desktop Icons
  • New Fonts
  • New Sound Effects
  • Layered Rendering System Animation
  • Self Created Super Wallpaper
  • New Animation in system UI
  • New Filter in Photo and Video editor
  • Enhanced and new featured in Always on Display (AOD)
  • Scheduling option for Airplane mode (ON/OFF)
  • New Control Center Design in MIUI 13
  • More flexible storage experience in new miui
  • Power Consumption less and improve battery performance
  • Fast charging improved in supported devices
  • Grate Power Saver Mode
  • New gestures
  • Android 12 Supported all mi phones
  • Screen On Time Info Have Removed
  • Weather Super Wallpaper Have Removed
  • Mi Drive Shortcut added in File Manager
  • Document Watermark
  • Critical Battery Level

New Small Window Mode

Now users can use multiple apps at a single time, like a floating window. These upcoming features were very helpful to all users who run so many apps at a single time.

Memory Extension Features

This feature is one of the best in the whole MIUI history, This new Xiaomi memory fusion technology can help all phone users to extend their phone internal RAM up to 3GB. By use of internal storage extended the virtual RAM. For more information about Memory, Extension Feature clicks on this link.

Xiaomi new memory extension

New Desktop Icons

Now in the upcoming MIUI 13 update, Xiaomi introduces a new system icon for a better UI experience.

Self Created SuperWallpaper

After this update users can modify the super live wallpaper to their own styles. Also, add video and photos in the super wallpaper.

MIUI 13 New Features is Self Created Super Wallpaper, users can design own super wallpaper

New Animation in system UI

Every new MIUI update Xiaomi improves their new system UI for the best and smooth user experience, so in this new version very lag-free and smooth animation.

New Filter in Photo and Video editor

In the Gallery app and Camera app, some of the new filters are added to change color grading in your own photos and videos. New Intro and Outro come after the new update in Video editor tools. Users can edit and merge so many videos in the inbuilt video editor app.

Enhanced and new featured in Always on Display (AOD)

Some of the Xiaomi phones come with AMOLED display with Always On Display (AOD), so after the MIUI 13 update notification, clock and some of the other features are visible in AOD. Also, chances are there you can set your own photos on your AOD screen.

Scheduling option for Airplane mode (ON/OFF)

In MIUI 13 update users can schedule their Airplane mode On and Off like Power Off On Schedule. This is one of the latest features expected to get in the MIUI 13 upcoming update.

New Control Center Design in MIUI 13

Recently, so many lakes are shown regarding the new MIUI 13 Control Center, in china’s QQ platform one of the users share some screen short regarding the new control center. Also, we can cover this topic in one of the videos, check the below video for more information about MIUI 13 Control Center.

These are all the upcoming MIUI 13 major features that you can expect to arrive in the next updates. As well as some new features also may be added in upcoming updates. Now we just have to wait for a new version MIUI 13 update.

MIUI 13 Release Date in Global, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal

The released date of Xiaomi MIUI 13 in Global, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal is around End of September 2021.

POCO UI MIUI 12.5 Update Download

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