Xiaomi Patent: Smartphone With Two Detachable Displays

Xiaomi Smartphone With Two Detachable Displays

Xiaomi’s new patent has leaked with Two Detachable Display. The flexible display is work as a normal phone but you can separate two screens from One phone. Is it quite impressive right?

After disconnecting the display, communication between it and the rest of the device is wireless. By separating the flexible display from the body and mounting it in a detachable manner, it increases the versatility of its use. Here are all the details.

Xiaomi Patent - Smartphone With Two Detachable Displays
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Xiaomi developer team is humongous and very creative, every time its unique design was very popular in the market and other manufacturers are trying to copy it. The best example is Mi Mix Alpha with a full edge screen, Air charging and etc.

Xiaomi’s Patent: Smartphone With Two Detachable Displays

The Chinese institution registered the patent; the patent in question describes an elongating smartphone screen that can be detached from the rest of the device, allowing the device to be physically resized as necessary. In other words, the smartphone body is made up of a display and a side hinge that can hold a second display.  

Moreover, the second display is foldable so that it can also be folded over the main panel. In general, the patented smartphone can have up to two screens, as well as open or closed displays.  

You can also use the second display when the smartphone is detached from the main body. With the help of wireless transmission, the display and rest of the device can be connected via the Internet. Additionally, hardware is mounted to the back of the second panel.  

Does Xiaomi really plan to create a device of this type in the coming years, when technologies will be more advanced, or is it working on it right now to achieve it in a short timeframe? Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question.

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Xiaomi Smartphone With Two Detachable Displays