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Here is the list of our team members

Our Team

Rushirajsinh Jadeja

Rushirajsinh Jadeja– Founder, Editor in Cheif, and Author

TechRushi was created and maintained by Rushirajsinh. Rushiraj is an Engineer student with a bright vision for the upcoming tech industries. He loves to write tech and gaming content. Currently works on more than four-plus websites and runs a YouTube channel (TechRush) with more than 55K+ subscribers. You can contact Rushiraj here on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and [email protected]

bhavik chauhan

Bhavik Chauhan– Author

Bhavik has also come from an Engineering background and he loves to research new technology. Bhavik completed MBA in digital marketing with part-time blogging. Currently, their job in TechRushi is SEO specialist and finding a new strategy for Google core updates. You can contact Bhavik here on Instagram, and on LinkedIn

Satsang Kathesia

Satsang Kathesia– Designer

Satsang is come from Designing background. He completed their design course in MAAC India. Satsang loves to design canvas, logos,s and all types of thumbnails. Currently, jobs of Satsang in TechRushi are to make unique post thumbnails and stories.