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Are you looking for an opportunity to write a guest post on our blog? You’re at the right place!

TechRushi.com is the fastest-growing tech blog which can be a great platform for you to share your thoughts and knowledge with the world. We are trying to add more valuable content to our blog every day and we will be happy if you will also contribute to it.

What topics you can write

You can post articles on any tech-related topics such as Android, iPhone, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Windows, Gaming, SEO, and more.

The article could be in any form such as tricks, tips, wallpaper, reviews, or how-to tutorials. To get more ideas about what kind of articles we post on our blog, you can check our sitemap page.

Note: You are not allowed to promote your product or service in the guest post. If you want to get your product or service reviewed on our blog, you can opt for a sponsored post. Please check our advertise page for this service.

Guest Post Guidelines

We have listed some of our guest post guidelines here. Make sure that you have followed them before requesting that we review your article.

  • The content should be original and unique. Please don’t send us content that is copied from different sources on the web.
  • The length of the characters should be more than 800 words at least. Also, try to maintain targeted keyword density between 1% to 3%.
  • The title of the article should be simple, attractive, and short in length.
  • Make sure to divide the content into various headings and sub-headings. Also, use bullet points and numbers when showing some steps or lists.
  • Don’t forget to add images, screenshots, and videos in the article wherever necessary. Also, create one cover image for the article with some text written on it.
  • Write a short description of around 160 characters for the meta description tag.
  • You can add links to the article for reference purposes only. We will add nofollow attributes to the external links (except for a few authorized sites).
  • As mentioned earlier, you are not allowed to promote your product or service in any way.
  • There should not be any grammar, spelling, or vocabulary errors in the article. Make sure to proofread the article carefully. You can also use an online tool such as Grammarly to fix such mistakes in writing.
  • AI-generated content is strictly prohibited.
  • Lastly, your article should also comply with Blogger Content Policies and Google Prohibited Content Policies.

Submit your article

You can send us your article with the subject line “Guest Post Request” at officialtechrush@gmail.com email address.

The article should be in PDF, DOCS, or TXT file. You can attach images and screenshots to this email. We will review your article manually and then publish it on our blog if it follows all our guidelines.

Terms and conditions

By posting an article on our blog, you must agree to these terms –

  • Once your article is published, you are not allowed to post it on other websites.
  • If your article is found to violate our policies in the future, we may edit or delete it without asking for your permission.