WhatsApp Premium Launched for Businesses in India: Price and Features

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WhatsApp Premium for Business has been launched in India. Whatsapp was working on Premium business accounts for a long time, but now it has been launched for selected Whatsapp business users in India. Currently, WhatsApp Premium Business price is Rs.250 per month for Android and iOS devices.

What is WhatsApp Premium?

WhatsApp Premium is a subscription service from WhatsApp for Business. With a premium subscription, business accounts have additional features such as a personal business web page and multi-agent sales. If you want to continue this service, you have to pay the subscription fee to WhatsApp every month.

Note: This Premium is not for all ordinary people, just for commercial purposes.
What is WhatsApp Premium

WhatsApp Premium Features

Currently, two main features have been introduced in Whatsapp Premium for Business. 1) Business Web Page and 2) Multi-agent sales and support.

Business Web Page

This is a brand new feature, which creates custom business links including business names so that they are easy to remember for customers. It will be a unique short link that takes users to the target landing page. It is a kind of unique username, if multiple companies have the same name, it will be on a first-serve basis, and if the subscription expires, others can get the link.

Business Web Page Whatsapp Premium features
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Multi-agent sales and support

With multi-agent sales, connect with up to 10 agents who can be assigned to your account and respond to customers quickly. It’s very useful for those businesses that have more customer base.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has introduced a new cloud-based API, so that businesses and developers can easily start using WhatsApp Business. Cloud API is available for free and is not part of WhatsApp Premium.

Multi-agent sales Whatsapp Premium features
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How to get Whatsapp Premium?

Currently Whatsapp Premium is only available to selected Whatsapp Business accounts as part of a paid subscription service. Check the below steps to get these features faster.

  1. Update WhatsApp Business app to V2.22.22.16 or higher version.
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select “Premium” and Subscribe to membership.
How to get WhatsApp Premium

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is WhatsApp Premium coming?

WhatsApp Premium has been launched for random business users worldwide. It will take a few more days to reach all users’ phones.

What is the Price of WhatsApp Premium Business

The price of WhatsApp Premium for business in India is 250 rupees per month.

More features will roll out soon, visit WhatsApp Business for the latest prices and features.

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