How to Schedule Text Messages on Android in 2022 [3 Ways]

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android phones

Are you looking forward to sending text messages at a specific time or sending messages automatically, this post helps you to “Schedule Text Messages on Android Phones

Sometimes sending text MSG can be difficult due to insufficient time. Whether you want to send a message early or late, or you want to postpone it for a few days, you might even forget about it. So these tricks will keep you away from all the hassles.

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android phones

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android phones

Let’s find out where this method will be used. You can use this method to send a “happy birthday” message to your family member or friend on their birthday.

  • Inbuilt (Xiaomi) messenger
  • Google messenger

Schedule Text Messages on Inbuilt (Xiaomi) Messages

If you are using Xiaomi devices, they offer this feature in their Messages application. Follow these steps to schedule the text messages on your Xiaomi mobile phone.

  1. Go to “Messaging”
  2. Add the Contact number in Recipient and also Type Message Then Click on the “Plus symbol”
  3. Then Click on “Timed”
  4. You can set a timed message and Click on “Ok”
  5. Now you can see this message is automatically sent
Schedule Text Messages by Xiaomi messanger

Schedule Text Messages on Google Messages

If you are using an Android phone other than Xiaomi, most smartphone companies don’t offer this feature, you can install Google Messenger and then use this scheduled text message.

  1. Go to Google Messages
  2. Type the Contact number to which you can send a message
  3. Type Message and then Click and hold the SMS sending Button
  4. Then Schedule Sent a message
  5. Select the Date and time and Click on the “Save Button”
  6. Now, you can see this message is Scheduled for send
  7. Directly this message is delivered
Schedule Text Messages by Google messenger

Using Third-Party Application

If your Smartphone company does not offer this feature in the built-in messenger, you can use the following third-party app.

That’s it. We assume that you have a complete idea of how to send a message at a particular time. Also, check How to Fix Google Play System Update Not Show in Android?

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