3 Ways to Schedule Text Messages on Android [2023]

Schedule Text Messages on Android

Life can get busy, and sometimes we forget to send important messages to our friends, family, or colleagues. schedule text messages on your Android device to avoid such situations. This handy feature ensures that you never miss birthdays, work deadlines, or other important occasions. In this post, I will explore different methods to schedule text messages on Android, to make your communication more efficient and timely.

Schedule Text Messages

Scheduling text messages is a feature that allows you to pre-compose a message and set it to be sent automatically at a specific future date and time. This feature helps ensure the timely delivery of important messages without memorization. Various Android applications provide this facility to the user.


  • Timeliness: Sends important messages on time, even if you are busy or don’t need to send them at that moment.
  • Reminders: Can schedule reminders for you for events, appointments, or deadlines.
  • Time-zone differences: Schedule messages to be sent at the right time for recipients in different time zones, avoiding interruptions during their nighttime or non-working hours.
  • Work-life balance: Pre-schedule work-related messages during non-work hours, allowing you to focus on personal time without forgetting important communications.
  • Reduce stress: Reduce the stress of remembering to send messages by scheduling them in advance, allowing you to focus on other tasks or responsibilities.

Schedule Text Messages on Android Phone

Discover various Methods to Schedule Text Messages on your devices, such as sending a “happy birthday” message to a family member or friend, and ensuring timely wishes on their special day.

  1. Using Message by Google App
  2. Using Inbuilt Message App
  3. Using Third Party App

Method 1: Use the Native Android Messages App (Google Messages)

On Android phones, the top choice for scheduling text messages is the Google Messages app. It’s free, available on the Google Play Store, and offers better security than most third-party apps. To send scheduled messages, follow these steps:

  • Install the Google Messages app from the Play Store if it is not already on your device.
  • Open the app and select the contact you want to send a scheduled message to.
  • Type your message in the text input field.
  • Long-press the send button (paper plane icon) to reveal the scheduling options.
  • Choose the desired date and time for your message.
  • Press the “Send button” to schedule the message. You can view or edit the scheduled message by tapping on it.
Schedule Text Messages Using Google Messages

The message will be sent automatically at the scheduled time.

Method 2: Use the Inbuilt Message App (Xiaomi Messaging)

For Xiaomi device users, the built-in Messages app offers text message scheduling. Follow these steps to schedule text messages on your Xiaomi phone:

  1. Open “Messaging”.
  2. Add the contact number in the recipient field and type your message.
  3. Click the “Plus symbol”.
  4. Select “Timed”.
  5. Set the desired date and time, then click “Ok”.
Schedule Text Messages Using Inbuilt Message App

If your Smartphone company does not offer this feature in the built-in messenger, you can use third-party apps.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Text Messaging App

There are numerous third-party messaging apps available on the Play Store that allow you to schedule text messages. Some popular options include:

  1. SMS Organizer: Developed by Microsoft, SMS Organizer is an intelligent messaging app that can schedule messages. After composing your message, tap the calendar icon, and set the desired date and time.
  2. Textra SMS: Textra SMS is a feature-rich messaging app that supports scheduling messages. After typing your message, tap the “+” icon, select the clock icon, and set the desired date and time.
  3. Pulse SMS: Pulse SMS is another powerful messaging app with a scheduling feature. Tap the three-dot menu in the top right corner, select “Schedule a message,” and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to delete scheduled text messages

To delete scheduled text messages, follow these general steps (note that the process might vary slightly depending on the messaging app you are using):

  • Open the messaging app where you scheduled the text message.
  • Locate the scheduled message in the conversation thread with the recipient.
  • Tap and hold the scheduled message to reveal additional options.
  • Select “Delete” or “Cancel message” from the options.
How to delete scheduled text messages

The scheduled message will be removed, and it will not be sent at the scheduled time. Always double-check the specific instructions for your messaging app, as the steps may differ slightly between apps.


Scheduling text messages on Android is a convenient way to ensure you never miss an important message. Whether you choose to use Google Messages, a third-party messaging app, or the inbuilt app, each method offers a simple solution to stay on top of your communication game. Try these methods and experience a more organized and efficient way of sending messages on your Android device.

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