Siri Pro Mode enable with ChatGPT Shortcut on iPhone

How to Enable Siri Pro Mode Using ChatGPT on iPhone

Siri is Apple’s digital assistant that helps users complete their tasks using voice commands. Siri has a range of capabilities that can be used by both personal and professional users. In this article, I will explore the benefits and uses of Siri Pro mode and provide step-by-step instructions on how to enable this feature Using ChatGPT.

What is Siri Pro Mode?

Siri Pro Mode is a feature designed by OpenAI to complete complex Apple user tasks and provide step-by-step information similar to ChatGPT. This Mode allows Siri to understand more advanced commands and perform more complex actions. Also, instead of suggesting articles, it writes the information for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Wide range of knowledge and text data
  • Fast and efficient for handling multiple conversations at the same time
  • available for any time of day or night
  • More Speed and accurate


  • Only some languages are supported
  • Lack of creativity

How to Enable Siri Pro Mode on iPhone

Step 1: Open this OpenAI API Key link on your iPhone and sign in with your ChatGPT id.

Step 1-Login with ChatGPT id for Enable Siri Pro Mode

Step 2: Click on “Generate New Secret Key” to generate the key and copy this code by tapping on Copy button.

Step 2-Generate New Secret Key

Step 3: Click on this Shortcuts app link to open the Shortcuts app. And then tap on Add Shortcut button.

Step 3-open the Shortcuts app for enabling Siri Pro Mode

Step 4: Now, click on Intelligent sin API to set up Siri Pro Mod.

Step 4-click on Intelligent sin API

Step 5: Click the down arrow and click the rename button to rename this shortcut.

Step 5-rename this ChatGPT shortcut

Step 6: Here you set the name according to your choice. (I strongly recommend naming this shortcut Siri Pro Mode.)

Step 6-Remane as Siri Pro Mode

Step 7: Scroll down and go to the Text section, then paste this copied code here.

Step 7-paste OpenAi keys code

Step 8: Now, go to the Ask for text section and type here what Siri says to you while turning on Siri Pro mode.

Step 8-write Ask for text

Step 9: Once you set all the above steps tap Done to save the changes.

Step 9-Tap on done button

Step 10: Here you find the new OpenAi shortcut and click on it. Then enter “OK” in the prompt that appears and tap on the Done button.

Step 10-Click on OpenAi Shortcut and tap on the Done Button

Step 11: Now, they will send you a privacy pop-up. Click on Allow to grant it all required permissions.

Step 11-Click on Allow in Privacy popup

Step 12: Now open Siri and launch Siri Pro Mode (use this name if you set this shortcut name differently). Which will show you the information as the Imagination shown below.

Step 12-Use Siri Pro Mode to get more and accurate information

Once these steps have been completed, you may have successfully enabled this Pro mode of Siri. Siri will now understand more advanced orders and perform more complex actions.

Unlock the full potential of Siri with our comprehensive video tutorial guide on Siri Pro mode, and elevate your voice assistant experience like never before!

How to Disable or stop Siri Pro Mode on iPhone

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone
  • Look for the Siri Pro Mode Shortcut
  • Press and hold the Siri Pro Mode Shortcut until a list of options appears
  • Tap on “Delete” from the list of options to remove the Siri Pro Mode Shortcut
How to Stop Siri Pro Mode on iPhone

In conclusion, enabling Siri Pro Mode can be a useful feature for professionals who need to use Siri to complete complex tasks. Also, this mod will show you step by step guide instead of suggesting articles. By following the steps mentioned above and with the help of ChatGPT you can easily enable Siri Pro Mode and take advantage of its advanced capabilities.

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