How to use ChatGPT 4 for Free? Without ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT 4

GPT 4 is going to blow your mind and are you interested in using ChatGPT 4 for free, without having to pay for the ChatGPT Plus membership? If so, you are at the right place! I have some tips and tricks that can help you get ChatGPT 4, without having to spend a $20 monthly subscription.

GPT 4 comes up with a lot of improvements upon the existing GPT 3.5 on which ChatGPT was based. It can now accept 25,000 words of text and it has a new feature called Multi-Model which allows it to analyze images and tell you what is happening in the picture. This is really cool! If you want to learn how to use GPT 4 in your daily life, keep reading.

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What is ChatGPT 4?

ChatGPT 4 is the newest iteration of the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT. On March 16, 2023, OpenAI launched this large language model, which belongs to the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) family of language models. ChatGPT 4 has been designed to be even more precise and powerful than its previous versions.

With an expected tenfold increase in model size and access to a more comprehensive training dataset, GPT-4 is poised to surpass its older version, including the current largest and most powerful language model, GPT-3.5, which boasts 175 billion parameters.

ChatGPT 4 vs ChatGPT 3.5

What does ChatGPT 4 do?

ChatGPT is able to answer questions using natural language, mimic writing styles and pass college-level entrance exams, and write poems. You may wonder, where does it collect all this knowledge? The answer lies in its ability to access information from the Internet. While its database only has data up to 2021, which is a little out of date, it can still be useful. Moreover, AI-Generated Wallpapers are also Gaining Popularity Among Tech-Savvy Enthusiasts.

Features of ChatGPT 4

ChatGPT 4 has learned some exciting new skills! It can now understand and work with different kinds of information like text, videos, images, and audio. This means that it can help you with a wider range of tasks than ever before.

  1. Convert Handmade Sketch Website To Code: With GPT 4, it is now possible to convert a handmade sketch website to code quickly and efficiently.
  2. Build Video Games in Minutes: Video game development is easier than ever with ChatGPT 4, games can now be created in a matter of minutes using this language model.
  3. Build Chrome Extension using Manifest version 3: Building a Chrome extension using Manifest version 3 has become simpler with this Ai assistance.
  4. Understand What’s happening in Images: Its advanced image recognition capabilities allow it to understand and interpret what is happening within the images.

What is the Capability of GPT 4?

  • Handles over 25,000 words of text
  • Understands complex images and diagrams
  • Provides full summaries of web articles
  • Extracts data from videos
  • Provides answers in multiple languages
  • 40% more accurate than GPT-3.5

What is the Limitation of GPT 4?

  • Hallucination is possible, but not 100% accurate
  • Limited to data up to September 2021
  • The latest information may not be available
  • Requires ChatGPT Plus membership worth $20
  • Limited knowledge of certain topics
  • Cannot handle reasoning for current events

How to use ChatGPT 4 for Free

OpenAI has charged a $20 monthly subscription to use ChatGPT 4, while this is not good news for free users and students. But you can change some prompt parameters and use ChatGPT 4 for free. Here’s How:

ChatGPT Login Screen
  • If you’re new to ChatGPT, click the “SignUp” button. Otherwise, click “Login.”
ChatGPT Signup Page
ChatGPT 4 Dashboard

Did you know that Microsoft Bing AI Chat uses the GPT-4 model powered by OpenAI? The good news is that you can also access this chatbot without having to pay for monthly subscriptions, providing an alternative option for those seeking to use AI-generated language processing.

How to upload an image on ChatGPT 4

Uploading an image to ChatGPT 4 and finding information about it is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the ChatGPT dashboard and select “New Chat.”
ChatGPT 4 Dashboard
  • Enter the below prompts which are related to the image analysis and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard.
Describe the photo: "Your Image URL"
ChatGPT 4 Prompts
  • ChatGPT 4 will then display all the information it can gather from the image, though note that this information may not always be completely accurate.
ChatGPT 4 new Prompts Answer

ChatGPT 4 Prompts

  • Check Grammer Mistakes
Your task is to Check the grammar and punctuation in this document: "Your Paragraph" Please Do not echo my prompt. Do not remind me what I asked you for. Do not apologize. Do not self-reference. Just take the best action you can. All output must be in English.
  • Generate YouTube Video Script with Titles
Create a compelling and engaging scene description for the YouTube video script with an appropriate intro, then a main body, and then an outro using the following description in English. Also, provide 2 ideas for an appropriate clickbait YouTube title. My Video topic is "Video Topic Name"
  • Article Summary
Summarize the following content [insert your content here]
  • Summary of Youtube Video
Give me summary of this youtube video [Youtube Video Link]

Difference between Chat GPT 4 vs GPT 3

Released DateMarch 2023November 2022
Word Limit25,000 words limit4,000 words limit
Image AnalysisUnderstand the Complex ImageNot Analysis of any Image accurate
Video AnalysisCan collect information from videosIt does not understand video formats
Language ModelSupports multiple languagesTranslates text only
DatabaseMore than 1 Trillion parameters175 Billion Parameters


Technology is advancing rapidly and big companies like Google and Meta are investing heavily in developing their own chatbots and AI technology. While this is exciting, it can also be scary as it may impact job opportunities. It’s important to remember that technology can be used for both good and evil, and it’s up to us to make sure it’s used responsibly. What are your thoughts on this topic?