How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories?


If you can’t turn off Instagram story sound, this article “How to turn off sound on Instagram stories?” If so, read further.

The sound on Instagram Stories cannot be turned off, which is a new bug that avid users may have noticed. Thousands of users have noticed the ability to mute stories on social media.

How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories?

Complained On Twitter

The first user writes, “Now Instagram plays a sound by default on all stories when I close it. Like they’re really trying to stop me from using this app.”

Another user wrote, “I’m deleting Instagram Stories with sound playing automatically even though I don’t have my voice on.”

“Due to a bug, some iOS users are experiencing an issue where sound is automatically on when viewing Stories — we’re working to fix the issue as soon as possible.” – A Meta spokesperson.

A similar problem has also been reported with reels on the home screen feed. It’s natural for Instagram to have glitches from time to time since it’s such a successful social media platform with over a billion users worldwide. A few hours after discovering the flaw, Meta, the parent company of Instagram, fixed it.

Do Instagram Stories have the option to turn off the sound?

Most people don’t have a problem muting Stories, but those who experience this problem find it nearly impossible to mute. The app can be uninstalled and reinstalled, or you can log out and back in, but in all likelihood, Instagram engineers will have to fix this flaw.

How to turn off sound on Instagram stories?

  • Go to “Reels”.
  • Click once on any Instagram reels
  • Then the silent option will be available in the right-side corner of the reel.
  • Now, Click on it and Silent Instagram stories.
how to turn off sound on Instagram stories
How to Turn Off Sound on Instagram Stories?

We hope you know every step and these guides help you Fix Instagram Stories Sound glitch.

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