80+ Download iOS 16 Depth Effect Wallpapers 4K for iPhone

iOS 16 introduced a new feature called Depth Effect, which allows you to add a depth-of-field effect to your lock screen wallpaper. This makes your wallpaper look more realistic and immersive.

If you are looking for some fantastic iOS 16 depth effect wallpapers to download, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have compiled a collection of anime, landscapes, superheroes, cats, dogs, girls, jokers, and buildings and 80+ free 4K wallpapers that you can use to customize your iPhone.

What is Depth Effect Wallpapers?

The Depth Effect Wallpaper is the newly launched iOS 16 feature for customizing the iPhone lock screen. It spots an object on your wallpaper, kind of lifts it off the background, and pops it right in front of your clock. It’s like your wallpaper goes 3D, making everything look more real and fun. And the best part? It’s super easy to use, making your lock screen look cooler than ever!

iOS 16 Depth Effect Wallpapers Download

Check out below 100+ best depth effect wallpapers for your iPhone.


The images below are for preview only, so download the wallpaper from the link below.

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