[Exclusive] Download Best iPad Christmas Wallpapers 4K in 2023

Christmas Wallpaper Picks for Your iPad

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to update your iPad with some festive Christmas wallpapers! In today’s post, I’m excited to share over 20+ stunning iPad Christmas wallpapers. This collection includes designs of Christmas trees, “Merry Christmas” greetings, charming Christmas villages, aesthetic themes, Disney wallpapers, and much more!

These brand-new wallpapers are perfect for both your lock screen and home screen, adding extra cheer to your holiday celebrations. Looking for a fresh background that’s free to download? Check out the post below. Also, don’t miss out on Christmas wallpapers for your iPhone and Christmas Watch Faces for your Apple Watch. Give all your gadgets a Christmas makeover!

How to Set Christmas Wallpaper on iPad

  • Open the Photos App on your iPad.
  • Select your favorite wallpaper and open it.
  • Tap on the share icon.
  • Choose “Use as Wallpaper.”
  • Adjust to fit your screen and press “Done” to apply it to your iPad screens.

No need for a separate wallpaper app to get these cute wallpapers. They’re all here, in high HD resolutions, and each one is designed by me using some Generative AI, making these wallpapers exclusive to you. Here’s a sneak peek of all the iPad Christmas wallpapers.

Christmas Tree Wallpaper iPad

Celebrate Christmas with these two new adorable Christmas tree wallpapers. One features a golden galaxy background exuding joyfulness, and the other displays a collection of festive gifts.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 18
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 8

Preppy Christmas Wallpaper iPad

For a minimalistic iPad screen setup, this preppy Christmas wallpaper is a top pick.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 13

Merry Christmas iPad Wallpaper

This fresh Merry Christmas wallpaper is ideal for your lock screen, bringing the festive spirit right when you open your iPad.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 22
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 12

Christmas Village Wallpaper iPad

Experience the feel of a Christmas village in the snow with these two new wallpapers.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 20
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 21

Aesthetic Christmas Wallpapers iPad

Grab these truly amazing and aesthetic Christmas wallpapers for a stylish iPad home screen setup.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 19

Disney Christmas iPad Wallpaper

Disney fans, you’ll love this wallpaper featuring Disneyland during Christmas with gifts, fireworks, and more.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 17

Charlie Brown Christmas iPad Wallpaper

For Charlie Brown fans, these wallpapers feature the iconic character Charlie with Snoopy, perfect for your iPad.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 16
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 9
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 6

Nightmare Before Christmas iPad Wallpaper

For those who prefer something darker, this Nightmare Before Christmas wallpaper brings a spooky holiday vibe.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 15

Winter Christmas iPad Wallpaper

Embrace winter with this minimal snowfall wallpaper, featuring a tree in a forest – perfect for the season.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 14

Funny Christmas Wallpaper iPad

This joyful wallpaper is sure to bring smiles. It’s a reminder that happiness is key to a healthy life, free from stress.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 11

Snoopy Christmas iPad Wallpaper

Enjoy this iconic Snoopy Christmas wallpaper where Snoopy decorates the Christmas tree.

iPad Christmas Wallpaper 10

Cute iPad Christmas Wallpapers

Check out these cute Christmas wallpapers for your iPad.

iPad Christmas Wallpapers 5
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 1
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 7
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 2
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 3
iPad Christmas Wallpaper 4

Wooooo! I hope you love this fresh collection of Christmas wallpapers for iPad. Let me know which one suits your style best on Twitter (@TechRush_) and share your lock screen or home screen setup with me.