Xiaomi released MIUI 12.5 on most of the devices but MIUI 12.5 Super wallpaper was missing in some of the phones. So check this article for how to install MIUI 12.5 super wallpaper on your device.

Super wallpaper was introduced with the previous MIUI version MIUI 12, and its amazing features of the new update. Currently, some limited wallpapers are included in this update.

MIUI 13 New Features is Self Created Super Wallpaper, users can design own super wallpaper

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List of Xiaomi Super Wallapers

  • Snowy Peaks (Sunlit mountain slopes of mount Siguniang)
  • Geometry ( Shapes, light, and colors)
  • Faraway Rings (The rings of saturn make the most increible spectacle in the solar system)
  • Home (The Earth is the cradle of human civilization)
  • The red planet (Vast deserts of Mars have always kept humanity in awe)

How to Install Super Wallpaper in MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi Phones

  • First, download apk file from below list
  • Install Super Wallpaper apk in your device
  • Open Mi Theme Store and Click on Home button
  • Select Wallpaper option on top center
  • Open Super Wallpaper
  • Now download your favourite wallaper as show on aboove images.
  • Apply and Enjoy…

MIUI 12.5 Super Wallpaper APK Download

January Updates

NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size59MB
Released Date20th January 2022

December Updates

NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size58.9MB
Released Date29th December 2021
NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size58.9MB
Released Date9th December 2021

November Updates

NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size59.3MB
SupportsMIUI 12 & above
Released Date10th November 2021
NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size59.2MB
SupportsMIUI 12 & above
Released Date2nd November 2021

September Updates

NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size59.2MB
SupportsMIUI 12 & above
Released Date27th September 2021

Changelog Of V2.6.280-09161759 APK

NameSuper Wallpaper Alpha
File Size59.5MB
SupportsMIUI 12 & above
Released Date20th September 2021
Download LinkLink
  • Optimization and bug fixes

[January 2022] Latest Super Wallpaper With APK

  1. Earth Alpha Wallpaper: Download
  2. Marsh Alpha Wallpaper: Download
  3. Snow Mountain Alpha Wallpaper: Download
  4. Geometry Alpha Wallpaper: Download
  5. Saturn Alpha Wallpaper: Download

MIUI 12.5 All 4K Super Wallpaper Download

Old APK Version

  • APK Name : SuperWallpapers Alpha
  • APK Version : V2.6.280-09131125-ogl
  • APK Size : 59.3 MB
  • Released Date: 16th September 2021
  • APK Download : Click here

Changelog Of V2.6.280-09131125 APK

  • Only for AMOLED display devices
  • APK Name : SuperWallpapers Alpha
  • APK Version : V2.6.260-08101451
  • APK Size : 61.83 MB
  • Released Date: 21st August 2021
  • APK Download : Click here
MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Edition Download Any Xiaomi Device

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