Top 10 Uses of Apple’s Siri to Make Your iPhone More Productive

use Apple's Siri to make you more productive

Siri isn’t as popular as Apple might wish, or as we might think it is. According to Apple’s Siri report, despite over 700 million iPhones being sold in the past year, Siri was only recently able to surpass 1 billion requests per week. This number is quite small, but the problem does not lie with Siri; rather, it’s a result of our reluctance to use it. Many of us simply don’t want to get into it, but a voice interface can make us more productive.

Explore what Siri offers, and you may come to understand what you’ve been missing. However, Siri is a useful personal assistant that can boost your productivity. Here are 10 tips for using Siri to help you be more productive:

Top uses of Apple’s Siri to increase productivity

Apple’s Siri is more than just a voice-controlled assistant for trivial questions. With a range of innovative features tailored to enhance efficiency, Siri is transforming the way we manage our daily tasks. Explore how this intelligent assistant can streamline your life, making productivity just a voice command away.

Quick Location Sharing

You can use the Apple SiriShare Location shortcut to send your location to friends or family instantly. To be productive, you need a way to quickly notify friends, family, and co-workers of a meeting point. You can send not only your geolocation but also include a phrase with a name. A simple example would be: “Hey Siri, tell Alan where I am right now.”

Quick Location Sharing with Apple's Siri

Solving Complex Equations

Of course, an engineering calculator or even a regular one can handle these calculations, but you don’t have to do everything manually. If you need to calculate a discount, surcharge, or budget balance, just ask Siri to do it. Speak your task verbally, and Siri will handle the rest. You might ask, “What is 73% of 1828?” or “Solve the root of X times 3.14 divided by 12.” For AI, this is nothing, but for a person, it is a significant relief.

Solving Complex Equations with Apple's Siri

Voice App Launch

If your hands are full, you can simply tell Siri, “Launch the app.” The advantage of this command is that it’s easy to remember and convenient to use, whether you’re in the car, jogging, or traveling. You can say, “Hey Siri, launch Apple Maps,” and you won’t have to do anything manually.

Given the functionality and simplicity of apps, it wouldn’t be surprising if you have 30, 50, or even more on your device. With each additional app, your iPhone may become slower. A cleanup app can free up space and improve device performance. If you use the Cleanup iPhone app, your device will get rid of duplicate files, temporary data, downloads in messengers, etc. It’s recommended to use a phone cleaner at least once a week to prevent garbage from accumulating on the device.

Siri as a Translator

Siri’s translation capability is a simple yet incredibly useful feature. Siri can translate from English into almost every language in the world, except for some dialects and rare languages. Forget about misunderstandings or long searches for words and phrases in your messenger. Simply say, “Translate ‘Who is Techrushi?’ into Turkish.”

Use Siri as a Translator

Voice Control Alarm

You can add and remove alarms by voice, which is especially useful for those who set reminders in this way. If you need to start getting ready for a meeting and want to set an alarm for a specific time, just tell Siri. If you decide to take the day off and cancel all plans for today, you can simply say, “Delete My Techrushi Office alarm.”

delete Alarm with Siri

Mail Work

Through Siri, you can perform most email tasks fully. The voice assistant can read out messages or even convert them to text and send them. Try telling Siri, “Send an email to Bhavik and ask him to check the code for errors.” You can simply instruct Siri to send an email. If you do not provide text, your assistant will ask you to do so as the next step. This approach is helpful if you have a long message.

Place Search

An extremely useful command is to ask Siri to find the right place. It doesn’t have to be a specific address. You can find a dentist or a place to eat. You can even refine the search by specifying exactly what you want to eat. For example, you can say: “Find the best sushi nearby.” Siri attempts to analyze various data about the place, including reviews and ratings, to determine which location best matches the query.

Make a list

Simply ask, “Create a to-do list.” The same applies to the shopping list. When you remember that you wanted to buy screws, just say, “Add screws to my shopping list.” If you want to read the contents of the list, open the Reminders app.

Learn all about the sports game

Do you need to know the score in a hockey game? Just ask Apple’s Siri. It’s important to specify which game you’re asking about. You can also find out other information about the game, such as when it starts, where it takes place, who is participating in the tournament, and what the team composition is.

Check the location of the courier

It should be noted that this function does not work with all applications. If your food delivery application supports Apple’s Siri, you can find out the exact location of the courier and the time after which they will arrive. The function is available in the Caviar application, but not only in it. You need to enter the application and set the phrase by which you will check the delivery status. For example, you can set the phrase: “Where is the New York County courier?

Check the location with Siri

Final word

That’s it! Siri’s vast array of features makes it a valuable tool for boosting productivity. From solving equations and setting alarms to translating languages and finding places, Siri simplifies everyday tasks. Embracing Siri in your daily routine can save time and effort, putting a world of convenience just a voice command away. Don’t miss out on what Siri can offer; give it a try and experience efficiency like never before.