How to Use Apple Check In on iPhone [iOS 17]

How to Use Apple Check In on iPhone

The digital world never stops developing technology, and with the launch of iOS 17, Apple has brought many more exciting features to the iPhone. One such feature is the “Apple Check In” functionality in the Messages app. It is a simple yet powerful tool providing extra safety and convenience in your day-to-day activities.

Are you a solo traveler or someone who likes to keep loved ones informed of your whereabouts? If yes, then you will find this Apple check in feature very useful. It lets you share real-time location details, ensuring that those who care about you are updated about your travels. In this blog post, I will explain the benefits of this feature, its uses, and how to use it on your iPhone. So let’s dive into this feature!

What is Apple Check In Feature?

This feature allows users to share their real-time location with their selected contacts through their messaging app. It is a virtual travel companion, which updates your loved ones about your whereabouts. This tool offers more than the usual “I’m here” type of location sharing – it ensures that your friends and family stay updated about your movements and your trip.

Apple Check In Feature

Benefits of Apple Check In

Here are some significant benefits of using the Check-In feature:

  • Seamless Location Sharing: Regularly send your location to your loved ones and keep them updated about your travels.
  • Safety: If there is any interruption in your progress toward your destination, it notifies your selected contact with essential information like your current location, route, battery status, and cellular signal.
  • Privacy: All shared information is end-to-end encrypted, ensuring your privacy. So that no other person can remotely use this information.
  • Control: You can choose which data you want to share with someone, either limited or complete.

Uses of Apple Check In

Apple Check In can be beneficial in various scenarios, such as:

  • Late-Night Rides: Share your location during late-night rides to ensure your loved one knows your whereabouts.
  • Solo Travel: Keep your friends or family in the loop when you go on a solo adventure.
  • Unexpected Delays: Inform contacts about possible delays in your arrival at your destination. So that he can take the necessary steps for this.
  • Safety Measure: A tool to provide safety measures by providing essential information about your situation in case of stalled progress.

How to Use Apple Check In Feature in Messages

To use Apple Check-In, both you and the person you want to use Check-In to share your location with must have an iPhone updated to iOS 17. Secondly, and obviously, you’ll need a contact (a friend or family member) with whom you’d like to share your location. Once you have that covered, here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone and navigate to the conversation of the friend or family member with whom you want to use the Check-In feature.
  • Tap the ‘+’ icon located on the left side of the message box. In iOS 17, the traditional app drawer has been replaced, and this is where all your iMessage apps reside now.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 1
  • Upon tapping ‘+’, the new “app drawer” will open. Swipe up or simply tap on the “More” option.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 2
  • Then Select the “Check In” option.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 3
  • At this point, the onboarding screens for Check-In will appear (Note: this will only occur the first time you’re setting up Check-In). Tap “Continue”.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 4
  • Again, Click on “Continue” to set up this feature.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 5
  • You will be prompted to choose the data you wish to share in case you don’t arrive at your destination. You have two options here: “Limited” and “Full”.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 6
  • Limited data includes your current location and details about your iPhone’s and Apple Watch’s battery life and network signal.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 7
  • Full Data includes all the data points of “Limited” plus other information like the route you’ve taken, the location where you removed your Apple Watch, and the location of the last iPhone unlock.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 8
  • Choose the data you want to share (remember, you can always change this later from the Settings app) and tap “Continue”.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 9
  • Now, tap “Send a Check In”. After the initial set-up, this is the stage you will reach directly when you choose Check In. If you tap “Not Now” here, the check in will be set with your preferred option, and then you can use it directly in the future.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 10
  • The Check In will appear in the message box. If you wish, you can tap “Edit” to alter the destination or the arrival time. After confirming the details, tap the blue arrow to send the message.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 11
  • The contact will be notified when you send the Check In. Upon your successful arrival at the destination, Check In will automatically detect it, and your contact will receive a second notification.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 12
  • In the event that you are delayed, and Check In detects that you’re not making progress toward your location, you’ll receive a prompt on your screen. Here, you can choose “End Check In” or “Add Time”.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 13
  • If you don’t respond to the prompt within 15 minutes, your contact will receive another notification informing them of your delay.
Use Apple Check In in Messages 14

At this point, they can open the notification to view the information you selected to share while setting up Check In, providing them with all the necessary details to ensure your safety.


iOS 17’s Check-In feature is more than a tech advancement—it’s a virtual companion ensuring your safety, keeping you connected, and maintaining sync with your loved ones (Friends or family) during your journeys. Take advantage of this feature, and let your adventures begin with confidence and assurance.


Can I share my Check-In information through other apps?

No, as of now, the Check-In feature is only integrated with Apple Messages app.

Is the Check-In feature available on other Apple devices?

Currently, the check-in feature is only available on iPhones running iOS 17 and Macs running macOS Sonoma.

What happens if I don’t respond to the Check-In prompt on my iPhone?

If you don’t respond within 15 minutes, the person you checked in with will receive a notification, alerting them that you’re delayed. They can view the data you chose to share while setting up Check-In and take necessary action.

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