iOS 17: How to Change Clock Style in Standby Mode

How to change clock style in StandBy Mode

For the first time, Apple has allowed all iPhone users to personalize their iPhone lock screens with various digital clocks, widgets, and a photo slideshow, thanks to the new iOS 17 Standby Mode feature. I really enjoy this mode since it lets you access everything from your lock screen without unlocking your iPhone.

Standby mode is now available in iOS 17, and it only works when your iPhone is plugged into a power source and stable in a horizontal (landscape) position. This mode lets you tailor the clock with many unique styles. If you’re not sure how to alter the clock style in standby mode, then this post is just for you. Let’s dive in.

Customize iPhone Clock Style in Standby Mode in iOS 17

It’s super simple if you have a sturdy iPhone stand that lets you place your iPhone in landscape mode. You must position your iPhone in landscape mode and connect it to the charger. If you don’t have a wireless charging dock, you can place your iPhone on any horizontal surface and connect your Lightning cable to charge the device. You’re now ready to use iOS 17 Standby on your iPhone, even without a stand. Here are the steps to change the clock style in Standby Mode:

  • Connect Wireless/Wired charging to your iPhone and place it on a wireless dock or any flat horizontal surface, then lock your device.
Use StandBy Mode on iPhone without Wireless charging
  • Next, tap on your lock screen to activate Standby mode.
StandBy Mode First Layout
  • Press and hold any clock widgets and change the style by swiping up and down.
Change StandBy Clock Widgets Styles 1
  • You can also modify the widgets using the new Standby mode features.
Change StandBy Clock Widgets Styles 3
  • To change the clock color, just press and hold the clock widgets. Then, tap the small white button at the bottom right corner of the clock widget.
Modify StandBy Clock Widgets Styles 3
  • Choose your clock color by tapping on the provided color palette.
Change StandBy Clock Widgets Color
  • Once you’ve chosen the perfect style for your clock, tap the “X” button to exit from the menu.
Close StandBy Clock Widgets Style
  • Finally, tap the Done button at the top right corner to update the clock style in Standby Mode.
Change StandBy Clock Widgets Clock

That’s all there is to it! I hope you now know how to customize the lock screen clock style on your iPhone using iOS 17 Standby mode. This feature is especially handy at night, during work hours, and while studying. It helps you stay organized and focused on your goals. For any assistance with Standby mode, drop a comment below, or share your Standby mode screen with me by tagging me on Twitter (X).


What is the digital clock on the iPhone StandBy?

The Digital Clock on iPhone Standby consists of new widgets, allowing you to customize clock color, format, and various styles.

Can you use your iPhone as a clock at night?

Yes, with iOS 17 Standby Mode, you can now use your iPhone as a nightstand clock with multiple different digital clock styles.

What iPhones support StandBy mode?

Any iPhones that support iOS 17 also support Standby mode, including the iPhone 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 series, XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, SE 2nd & 3rd Gen.