How To Enable Bubble Notification in Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi in its MIUI 13 update offers a unique and useful feature called Bubble Notification that allows you to quickly access app notifications from the home screen. If you want to Enable Bubble notification feature on your Xiaomi phone, read this post.

This new notification system from Xiaomi allows you to interact with incoming messages and you don’t even need to root your phone for this feature.

What’s Bubble Notification in Xiaomi phone

Bubble notifications in Xiaomi phones are used for quick and convenient access to app notifications without leaving the home screen or opening the app. It displays the notification of the active app as a floating icon on the home screen, which provides a preview of the floating icon or “bubbles” notification. Such as replying to a message or dismissing a notification without leaving the current application or task.

Bubble notification shows your conversation or any important message when the floating window is open. Check out the video below to get an accurate idea of how it works. It is very easy to use and plays a very important role in your daily life.

What's Bubble Notification in Xiaomi phones

Bubble notification features

  • Floating Icons: Bubble Notifications displays a floating icon for each active app notification on the home screen. Which makes the look of your notification attractive.
  • Quick Access: Users can quickly access and preview their notifications by tapping on this bubble, without leaving the current app or task.
  • Interactivity: Bubble notifications allow users to interact with notifications, such as replying to a message or deleting a notification.
  • Compatibility: Some apps do not support bubble notifications, in such cases, notifications will appear in old style i.e. notification shade or lock screen.
  • Enable/Disable: Bubble notification can be enabled or disabled at any time in device settings.

How to Enable Bubble Notification

Follow the steps below to enable bubble notification on your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO phone.

  • First, you download and install the latest Mi Security app on your Xiaomi phone
  • After its installation, download Activity Launcher from Google Play Store
  • Now open this app and find an option called Security
  • Here find “com.miui.bubbles.settings” and click on it to Enable Bubble Notification feature hidden inside this option
  • Now, enable the bubble notification toggle to use this feature
how to enable bubble notification in xiaomi phones

Once you’ve enabled bubble notifications, you’ll see floating icons for any active app notifications on the home screen. Tap the bubble to open that app or swipe it to dismiss the notification. This feature allows you to view and replay your notifications without leaving the current application or task.

Note that some apps may not support this bubble notification, in which case you will get notifications as usual on the notification shade or lock screen. Also, you can choose which apps you want to use this feature on. Additionally, you can disable bubble notifications at any time by repeating the above steps and turning off the toggle.

In conclusion, Bubble Notification is a handy feature in Xiaomi phones that helps you track your notifications in an organized and more efficient way. By enabling this feature, you will be able to preview and interact with your notifications from the home screen without opening the app.

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