How to see Toll Prices on Google Maps

How to see Toll Prices on Google Maps

Are you planning a road trip and want to know the toll prices on your route? Well, worry not because Google Maps has launched new features “Speed Limit” and “Toll Price” in the latest update. Google Maps now displays toll prices for your route, making your journey more convenient and hassle-free. But how exactly can you see Toll Prices on Google Maps? Let’s find out in this article.

The toll price feature on Google Maps is now available on both Android and iOS devices. So, no matter what device you’re using, you can easily access toll prices for your route. Currently, the toll price feature is available in four countries – the U.S., India, Japan, and Indonesia. This means that users in these countries can enjoy the benefits of this feature and plan their trips more effectively.

Benefits of using Google Maps to see toll prices

  • Planning your route more effectively: With knowledge of toll prices, you can budget your journey better and avoid unexpected costs, thus enabling you to plan your route more efficiently.
  • Saving money: Google Maps can provide alternative routes that bypass toll roads, ultimately saving you money.
  • Saving time: In situations where toll roads cannot be avoided, Google Maps can assist you in selecting the quickest route by considering toll prices, hence saving you time.

How to see Toll Prices on Google Maps

To activate toll rates on Google Maps, follow the instructions provided below:

Step 1. Open Google Maps on your mobile device.

open google map on mobile phones

Step 2. Tap on your profile picture or initial in the upper right corner of the screen.

select your profile in google map

Step 3. Select “Settings” from the menu that appears.

click on settings in google map

Step 4. Scroll down and tap on “Navigation settings.”

select navigation settings

Step 5. Look for the “Toll price” section and toggle the switch next to “See toll pass prices” to turn it on.

enable toll price in google map

Step 6. Once enabled, you should now be able to see toll prices in the directions and routes on Google Maps.

check your near toll price

By using this feature, you can quickly view the toll prices for roads and bridges along your route. This can assist you in planning your trip and managing your expenses. You can also add a Google Maps Nearby Traffic widget to your smartphone, which allows you to avoid having to open the Google Maps app.

How do avoid the Toll road route?

If you prefer not to take toll roads on your route, Google Maps can help you out. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Click on your route to view the directions for your journey.

for more detials click on toll blue buttons

Step 2. Look for any toll roads on the route and click on “Tolls” to see the toll prices.

check all toll price and list

Step 3. A menu will appear on the screen, and you should select “Driving options“.

Check all parameters in google map

Step 4. Turn on any or all of the three options provided.

enable google toll for motorcycles

Step 5. After selecting your preferred option, you will be able to see the route without any toll roads.

check new route for without toll

Using Google Maps to check toll prices is an easy and efficient way to save time and money when driving on toll roads. By following these simple steps, you can easily view toll prices for any route, allowing you to make informed decisions on how to reach your destination. Therefore, the next time you plan a trip, make sure to check toll prices on Google Maps before hitting the road.


What are toll roads and why do they exist?

Toll roads also called turnpikes or tollways, are highways that charge drivers a fee to use them. These fees pay for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the roadways and are collected through toll booths or electronic systems. Toll roads are often used to fund major transportation infrastructure projects and can be run by public or private entities.

How are toll prices determined?

Toll prices for a road depend on the operator and can vary based on factors like traffic volume and construction costs. Government regulations may also influence prices. Toll collection can be done via cash or electronic systems.

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