How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay Later on Your iPhone

Apple Pay Later is Apple’s latest “Buy Now, Pay Later” feature, letting folks break down purchases into four even payments over six weeks – all without any interest or extra fees. Plus, they’ll let you borrow anywhere from $50 to a whopping $1000. Whether you’re shopping on apps, online, or at your local stores that take Apple Pay, this feature’s got you covered.

What’s cool about Apple Pay Later? It’s not just about making shopping easier. It’s a handy tool to keep your budget in check and pay over time. Shoppers can enjoy an easy payment method without stressing over interest or fees. And for store owners, this could mean more customers and sales.

In this article, let’s dive deep into and, explore how to use it, its awesome perks, and some handy tips.

How does Apple Pay Later work?

To kick things off with Apple Pay Later, you’ve got to apply for it. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone and follow the steps. After you get the green light, you’re good to go shopping at most places that accept Apple Pay.

When you shop with Apple Pay Later, Apple foots the bill for you at first. All you’ve got to do is pay Apple back in four easy payments over the next six weeks. They’ll automatically charge your debit card every two weeks.


  • Ease of Use: Super handy, especially if you’re a little short on cash or want to spread out payments.
  • Budget-Friendly: No extra costs like interest or fees.
  • Versatile: Shop online or hit the stores.
  • Safe & Secure: It’s got all the top-notch security you expect from Apple Pay.
  • Transparent: Keep an eye on your spending and payments straight from the Wallet app.

To Apply Apple Pay Later Basic Requirements

  • To be at least 18.
  • A US address (no P.O. boxes, please).
  • iOS 16.4 or newer on your device.
  • Apple Pay is set up with an eligible debit card for the first payment.
  • Two-factor authentication for your Apple ID.
  • A Driver’s License or a state ID for checking your identity.

Note: Right now, Apple Pay Later is rolling out to a select bunch of users who get an invite. They’re picking people at random through Apple ID emails for this early version.

How to Set Up Apple Pay Later on iPhone or iPad

  • On your iPhone, open the Wallet app. If you’re on an iPad, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Hit the Add button (that’s the plus sign) or tap on “Set up Apple Pay Later”.
tap on Apple Pay Later to set up
  • Now, Tap on Apply Now to get started. and then Hit the Continue button.
tap on Apple Now and Continue fot Apple Pay Later
  • Tap Next. Double-check your name, birthday, and address. and Confirm everything and hit “Agree & Apply”.
Confirm your Info by tapping Agree and Apply
  • Review everything and tap “Add to Wallet”.

Once your loan application is approved, a credit will be available for you to use. You’ll have a maximum of 30 days from the approval date to make a purchase. To view the approved amount, check this feature Available to Spend section.

How to Use Apple Pay Later on iPhone or iPad

To use this, you must have an iPhone or iPad updated to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. You also need to link a debit card to the service.

For instance, You own an iPhone 14 Pro and consider upgrading to an iPhone 15 Pro. Wondering if it’s worth it? If the iPhone 15 Pro costs $1000, with Apple Pay Later, you can pay in 4 installments of $250 each.

  • When checking out on a supported app or website, pick Apple Pay for payment.
Tap on Apple Pay button for payment
  • Head to the Apple Pay tab and select the Pay Later option.
tap on Apple Pay Later to pay with that
  • Check your Apple Pay Later Payment Plan and Tap Continue.
see Apple Pay Later Payment and tap on Continue
  • Go over the payment details and agreement. Tap Continue or Agree & Continue.
check Apple Pay Later Payment Plan
  • Choose the debit card for the initial payment and follow the prompts on-screen.
  • Double-click the side button, then use Face ID, Touch ID, or punch in your passcode.

How to Remove Apple Pay Later

There are two ways to remove the Apple Pay Later Service:

  • You can pay off your balance early. Once you have paid off your balance, your Apple Pay loan will be automatically closed.
  • You can contact Apple Support and request that your Apple Pay Later loan be closed.

Note: Please note that if you close your Apple Pay loan, you will not be able to open another one for at least 6 months.

Additional benefits

  • Improved credit score: Making your Apple Pay payments on time can help to improve your credit score.
  • Reduced debt: It can help you to reduce debt by allowing you to spread the cost of purchases over time.
  • Better financial management: It can help you to better manage your finances by making it easier to budget and track your spending.

Buy iPhone Using Apple Pay Later…

In a nutshell, Apple Pay Later is a game-changer for both shoppers and businesses alike. It’s user-friendly, budget-conscious, and secure. Whether you’re looking to spread out your payments for that next big purchase or trying to boost your store’s sales, this feature is worth exploring. Stay tech-savvy and shop smart with Apple’s latest offering!


Where is Apple Pay Later available?

It is available in the U.S. but not in Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin, or U.S. territories.

What are Apple Pay Later’s installment plan interest rates?

Apple Pay Later’s installment plans have no interest rates or fees, making them highly attractive.

What if I can’t make a payment on my Apple Pay Later loan?

Missing a payment prevents new purchases with Apple Pay Later, but you can still pay off existing loans. Once settled, you can reapply. Notably, even if overdue, there are no added fees or interest.

How do I apply for Apple Pay Later?

To apply for this service, open Wallet on your iPhone, tap + on the top right, choose “Set up Apple Pay Later”, and follow the prompts.

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