iOS 17.1 Beta 1 Update: New Feature for Music & AirDrop

iOS 17 Update

The recently launched iOS 17 update has brought a lot of new features and enhancements to the iPhones, offering more convenience and security to the users. Apple releases the iOS 17 update in three different versions: Stable, Public Beta, and Developer Beta. While the beta and developer beta versions are released weekly, the stable version is launched after all the bugs and issues from these beta versions are resolved. So it is bug-free.

What is the iOS 17 Update?

iOS 17 is the seventeenth major release of the iOS mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. It was announced on 5th June 2023, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC23). This update goes through three phases: developer beta, public beta, and stable release.

iOS 17.1 beta 1 Update

On 27th September 2023, Apple released iOS 17.1 beta 1 (build 24B5045h) with a size of 6.34 GB. The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s modem firmware is now 1.11.00. Geekbench scores for the device are 2892 (single-core) and 7055 (multi-core).

What’s New:

  • New “extend wallpaper” feature for lock screen customization.
  • “Extend poster” option added for Contact poster.
  • Favorite (star icon) is now on Apple Music’s “Now Playing” screen.
  • “Song Suggestions” added to Playlists in Apple Music.
  • Flashlight animation was introduced in dynamic island notifications for all iPhones.
  • “Use Cellular Data” feature in Airdrop for internet transfers when WiFi is unavailable.
  • Removal of new ringtone tones.
  • The “Cycle Count” option was added to the Battery settings for iPhone 15 Series only.
  • Wallet app displays current bank account balance (UK only).
iOS 17.1 Beta 1 update
VersioniOS 17.1 beta 1
Build Number24B5045h
Modem Firmware1.11.00
Update Size6.34 GB
Release Date27th September 2023
Geekbench Scores (iPhone 14 Pro Max)Single-core: 2892
Multi-core: 7055

iOS 17.0.2 Update for non-iPhone 15 Models

Apple rolled out iOS 17.0.2 on 26th September 2023 with build number 21A351, replacing the prior 21350 build. Sized at 452 MB with modem firmware 2.08.02, the iPhone 15 Pro Max recorded Geekbench scores of 2896 (single-core) and 7220 (multi-core).

What’s New: Resolved an issue that hindered direct data transfers from another iPhone during the initial setup, specifically affecting the iPhone 15 models.

Bugs: A recent bug has been observed where notifications are not clearly displayed on the lock screen. In some instances, these notifications vanish.

iOS 17.0.2 Update
VersioniOS 17.0.2
Build Number21A351 (Previous 21350)
Modem Firmware2.08.02
Update Size452 MB
Release Date26th September 2023
Geekbench Scores (iPhone 15 Pro Max)Single-core: 2896
Multi-core: 7220

iOS 17.0.1 Update Now Available

Apple has released the iOS 17.0.1 update mainly to fix issues on the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. But, all iPhone users should get it because it also has security fixes.

Also, Apple pushed their iOS 17.0.2 version coming just for the iPhone 15 series. Its build number is 21A350, which is the same as iOS 17.0.1.

What’s New: This update is important because it fixes a problem where bad apps might trick the system in the older version. So, it’s a good idea to update all your Apple devices quickly.

Bugs: By the way, some people have noticed a glitch with ringtones. If you make a new ringtone in Garageband, it might vanish and you won’t be able to use it as your ringtone.

iOS 17.0.1 and iOS 17.0.2
VersioniOS 17.0.1
Build Number21A340
Modem Firmware2.08.02
Update Size430.2 MB
Release DateSeptember 21, 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2643
Multi-core: 6708

iOS 17 Stable or RC Update

The iOS 17 beta is now over, and the final version, known as the iOS 17 Stable (Final) or Release Candidate (RC), is now available. It includes over 20 new ringtones and Text tones for all iPhones.

The first iOS 17 RC is 6.2GB in size, has build number 17.0 (21A329), and modem firmware 2.08.02. It was released on September 18, 2023, the same day as the iPhone 15. The Geekbench score for this iOS 17 Stable or RC build is 2637 for single-core and 6728 for multi-core, which is slightly lower than the iOS 17 beta 8.

New features in iOS 17 RC:

  • New iPhone 15 Series Wallpaper
  • New Grid Forecast in Home app for energy-saving
  • New ProRAW and Resolution control options in iPhone camera settings with three modes:
    • HEIF Max (up to 48 MP)
    • ProRAW 12 MP
    • ProRAW Max (up to 48 MP)
  • Haptic feedback for ringtones and alerts
  • New ringtones and text tones
  • New watch faces: Modular Ultra, Solar Analog, Nike Globe, Snoopy, and Palette
  • New iCloud storage options: 6TB and 12TB
iOS 17 RC Golden Master Update
VersioniOS 17 Stable or RC (Golden Master)
Build Number21A329
Modem Firmware2.08.02
Update Size6.2GB
Release DateSeptember 18, 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2637
Multi-core: 6728

iOS 17 Beta 8 Released

The latest beta release for iOS 17, known as iOS 17 Beta 8, dropped on August 29, 2023, and it’s jam-packed with bug fixes. This is the final beta build before the official launch of the iPhone 15, which Apple has confirmed for September 12, 2023. After iOS 17 Beta 8, users can look forward to the iOS 17 Release Candidate (RC), followed by the official stable version.

Alongside the iOS 17 Beta 8 rollout, Apple also pushed out the iOS 17 Public Beta 6 for iPhone users and iPadOS 17 Public Beta 6 for those rocking an iPad. The build number for iOS 17 Beta 8 is 21A5326a, with modem firmware at version 2.08.02. The update file size is 422.7 MB.

iOS 17 Beta 8 Update
VersioniOS 17 Beta 8
Build Number21A5326a
Modem Firmware2.08.02
Update Size422.7 MB
Release DateAugust 29, 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2639
Multi-core: 6848

iOS 17 Beta 8 Bugs Fixes

  • Overheating issue resolved
  • Fixed Contact Poster not working
  • Auto-toggling of System Services now works as expected
  • Relocated the “End Call” button to the center of the screen
  • Haptic Feedback is now fully functional even when your iPhone is set to silent mode
  • Enhanced Battery Life

iOS 17 Beta 8 Bugs

  • Notification stuttering is still an issue
  • Typing lag on the keyboard
  • Notifications still appear offset to the right
  • The lock screen and the Home screen still suffer from blur

iOS 17 Beta 5 & Public Beta 3 Update

Apple announced the new iOS 17 Developer Beta 5 and iOS 17 Public Beta 3 on August 9th, 2023, and there’s a lot to be excited about. With just a 1.1 GB download, you’ll gain access to Synced Content under iPhone storage and some new shortcut options like Run After Confirmation & Run Immediately. Looking for some help? The Apple Tips app now includes a Setup checklist. Performance? It’s slightly improved compared to previous versions. Just a heads-up though, there might be some additional storage use, a few app crashes, and a tad more battery drain. But don’t worry; the previous hitting bug has been fixed too.

Developer Beta VersioniOS 17 Developer Beta 5
Public Beta VersioniOS 17 Public Beta 3
Build Number21A5303d
Modem Firmware2.08.01
Update Size1.1 GB
Release Date9th August 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 1906
Multi-core: 5422
What’s New1. Synced Content under storage
2. Run After Confirmation & Run Immediately in Shortcuts
3. Setup checklist in the Apple Tips app
4. New animations in NameDrop & AirDrop
New Bugs1. Higher storage occupied
2. Some third-party apps are crashed
3. More battery drain issues
Bug Fixes1. Fix hitting issue

iOS 17 Beta 3 Update

On the 5th of July, 2023, the third developer beta for iOS 17, bearing the build number 21A5277h, was released. This update, carrying an approximate size of 1.15 GB, brought along several enhancements and updates, as is typical with beta releases. The modem firmware was also updated to version 2.04.01, providing improved connectivity and overall performance. As per the Geekbench scores shared for this update, the single-core score stood at 2641 while the multi-core score was found to be 6708.

iOS 17 beta 3 update
Build NameiOS 17 Developer Beta 3
Build Number21A5277h
Modem Firmware2.04.01
Update Size1.15 GB
Release Date5th July 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2641
Multi-core: 6708
What’s New1. New Apple Music song credits
2. Add the “View Lyrics” option in Apple Music App
3. Apple adds Artificial machine learning in Apple Music to personalize your Music App
4. Added more precise details in Weather Alert
5. New UI for Recently Deleted photos
6. Change the graffiti icons in Photos App
7. Activity History
8. New UI for Home shortcuts for light accessories (Nanoleaf Triangles)
New Bugs1. The Photos app icon in the iMessage app drawer now shows the most recent photo in your library
Bug Fixes1. keyboard not showing Error is now fixed

iOS 17 Beta 2 Update

Apple has just released the highly anticipated iOS 17 Developer Beta 2 on June 22, 2023. This latest update, with the build number 21A5268h and modem firmware 2.04.00, comes with exciting new features and improvements to the table. The size of the update may vary depending on your device, but on my iPhone 14 Pro Max, it weighed in at around 1.46GB.

iOS 17 Developer Beta 2
Build NameiOS 17 Developer Beta 2
Build Number21A5268h
Modem Firmware2.04.00
Update Size1.46 GB
Release Date22nd June 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2638
Multi-core: 6754
What’s New1. Update Tonight or Update Schedule
2. NameDrop
3. Crossfade Duration Slider Selection (1s to 12s)
4. New Apple Music Widgets
5. New MicroLocation
6. New Fitness Section
New Bugs1. Wallpaper does not load
2. Crossfade time duration does not work perfectly
3. Keyboard was disappearing while typing in notes
Bugs Fixes1. Apple Music Crash issue fixed
2. Music Widgets Ui fixed
3. Fixed Sleep Focus mode crash
4. Battery Drain resolve

What’s new in iOS 17 Beta 2

Update Tonight or Update Schedule in iOS 17

Apple recently made some changes to the System Updater page, introducing a new feature called “Update Tonight” for downloading the latest iOS 17 updates. With this addition, you now have the option to schedule your updates. When you choose the “Update Tonight” option, your iPhone will attempt to install the update when the device is locked and the battery has sufficient charge. The installation process is expected to take around 20 minutes.

Update Tonight Feature in iOS 17

Crossfade Duration Slider Selection

Apple has introduced a new feature called “Crossfade” in iOS 17 for Apple Music. In the latest update, iOS 17 Developer Beta 2, users now have the ability to customize the duration of the transition fade effect. You can choose a fade time between 0 to 12 seconds, allowing you to personalize your music listening experience.

Crossfade Duration Slider

New Apple Music Widgets

This year, Apple has made significant improvements to its Music apps, introducing new features and making important changes. One noteworthy addition is the introduction of new Apple Music Widgets with the Beta 2 update. These Widgets can be placed on your iPhone and iPad home screens, making it easier to interact with your music. Now, you can effortlessly check the full queue of songs and directly control your music experience with just one tap.

iOS 17 New Apple Music Widgets

New MicroLocation

In iOS 17, Apple introduced a cool new feature called NameDrop. It makes sharing contacts and files super easy and quick. Now, you can simply touch your device to another device to transfer contact information without any extra steps. It automatically saves the contact details for you, so you don’t have to do anything else. So for that, Apple added a new option called MicroLocation in the Location settings. It helps you find the exact location of nearby devices, which comes in handy for seamless data transfers.

iPhone Microlocation

iOS 17 Beta 1 Update

On 5th June 2023, Apple released iOS 17 Developer Beta 1 with build number 21A5248v, representing the latest improvements to the iOS operating system. This major update, having a size of 2.9 GB specifically for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, was introduced with a new modem firmware version, 1.80.00. It showed substantial performance improvements with Geekbench scores of 2652 for single-core and 6048 for multi-core.

iOS 17 Developer Beta 1 Update
Build NameiOS 17 Developer Beta 1
Build Number21A5248v
Modem Firmware1.80.00
Update Size2.9 GB (on iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Release Date5th June 2023
Geekbench ScoresSingle-core: 2652
Multi-core: 6048
Features1. Journal App
2. Contact Poster
3. Live Voice Mail
4. Live Stickers
5. Hey Siri Command
6. Standby Mode
7. Swipe to replay
8. NameDrop
9. Improved Autocorrect
10. Animated Music player
11. Offline Maps
12. Pet Albums

How to Download iOS 17 Update on iPhone

To download the iOS 17 update on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and tap “General”.
  • Tap “Software Update”, Your iPhone will now check for available updates.
  • If the iOS 17 update is available, you’ll see a description of the update along with the option to “Download and Install” Tap on it to begin the download process.
  • Once the download is complete, you can choose to install the update immediately or schedule it for later.
  • To install the update, tap “Install Now”. Your iPhone will restart, and the installation process will begin. This may take some time, so be patient.
How to Download iOS 17 Update on iPhone


In conclusion, the iOS 17 update introduces a series of innovative features and enhancements that redefine how you interact with your Apple device. The update introduces an exciting range of experiences, from the Apple Journal app to enhanced voice commands. Whether you’re a developer, an early adopter, or someone who prefers to wait for a stable release, this iOS update has something new and exciting for everyone. Its superior performance and streamlined capabilities not only set a new standard for device interaction but also for the smartphone experience.

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