How to Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro

How to Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro

Apple just launched its new virtual reality headset, Vision Pro. It’s a highly anticipated and futuristic product for gamers, designed to provide a real-life gaming experience. If you’ve bought this device and are trying to play PUBG Mobile, you might have run into some issues. But don’t worry, this guide will help you out.

You can enjoy 3D gaming with Vision Pro. Although the PS VR headset is also available for 3D gaming, it can’t compete with Vision Pro. So, let’s dive into this guide to learn how to Download and play PUBG Mobile on Vision Pro. So let’s dive into it!

Basic Requirements

Before we start, here are some things you’ll need:

  • An Apple ID registered in China.
  • A fully charged Apple Vision Pro or one connected to a power source.
  • If you plan to play PUBG for more than 2 hours, make sure your device is connected to a charger. Also, if your device overheats and freezes, you’ll need to force restart your Vision Pro. So, try to play in a cool environment.

How to Download PUBG Mobile on Vision Pro

If you’ve tried downloading PUBG before, you’ll know that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds doesn’t work on this device. Here’s how to download it:

  • Open the App Store on your Vision Pro.
  • Search for PUBG Mobile in the search bar.
  • Tap on the PUBG App.
  • Hit the “Get” button to start downloading on your device.
  • Finally, tap on the “Open” button to start your game and enjoy.
Download PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro

Note: To download this game, you need to log in with your Chinese Apple ID or change your Apple ID location to China.

How to Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro

Once you’ve downloaded and installed it on your device, follow these steps to play PUBG Mobile:

  • First, Open PUBG Mobile on your Vision Pro.
Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro 1
  • Log in with your PUBG Mobile credentials or create a new ID. (Remember, your older PUBG ID won’t work because this is a Chinese version.)
Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro 2
  • After logging in, set your controls and other settings.
  • Choose your map, playing mode, and other preferences, then tap on the “Play” button.
Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro 3
  • Once you enter the lobby, you’ll see a playing guide that will help you understand all the features.
  • You can adjust the screen size by tapping and holding one corner of the game screen. Set it according to your preference.
Play PUBG Mobile on Apple Vision Pro 4

Note: To play this game, you need a fast and stable internet connection for better ping and smooth gameplay.

I am thankful to Wynnsanity for sharing this with our community. Watch the video on it:

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Play PUBG Mobile Game…

I hope this guide helps you download and play games on your headset. You can also play other games on your Vision Pro using the same process. Additionally, you can connect your Mac to the headset and play games using a keyboard and mice.

If you have any questions or problems related to this, feel free to comment below. I’m here to help you.