How to Reset Hidden Siri Suggestions on iPhone [iOS 17]

Reset Hidden Siri Suggestions in iOS 17

Navigating through the numerous functions on iPhones can sometimes be difficult. Earlier Siri personalized the user experience based on personal routines and preferences. But with the iOS 17 upgrade, users can now also receive Siri suggestions from her with the ability to hide and reset notifications. Use this feature to make your iPhone usage more efficient and personal.

Siri has become a virtual companion for the user, offering convenient suggestions for your daily tasks, music preferences, social media indulgences, and more. But with iOS 17, the power to customize these recommendations is now in your hands. Whether you’ve previously hidden some suggestions and want to get them back, or you’re just curious to master this feature, this blog post will let you reset your hidden Siri suggestions.

Quick Overview

Siri Suggestions allows you to hide specific actions or shortcuts that are not needed in the spotlight. However, if you retrieve these suggestions, the system provides a facility to reset Siri Suggestions. To do this: Go to Settings > Siri & Search > Tap on “Reset Hidden Siri Suggestions“. Click on “Reset” again to confirm this change.

What are Siri’s hidden suggestions?

Siri Hidden Suggestions is a new feature in iOS 17, that lets you hide certain notifications from Spotlight instead of disabling them entirely. Here you can see alarm suggestions in Siri suggestions.

Hide Siri suggestions 1

If the suggested action or shortcut doesn’t suit your preferences, you can easily hide it by long-pressing on “Don’t Suggest”. If you click on this suggestion, you will be shown a “Don’t Suggest Clock shortcut”, click on this to turn it off. These hidden suggestions are kept on a list, which prevents them from appearing in the spotlight.

Hide Siri suggestions 2

However, you will still receive other Siri suggestions based on your habits and device usage. If you want to change your mind, iOS 17 provides a straightforward and easy process to make previously hidden Siri suggestions available in Spotlight once again.

How to Reset Hidden Siri Suggestions in iOS 17

First, unlock your iPhone and access the “Settings” application.

Enable Sensitive Content Warning on iPhone 1

Once inside Settings, navigate through the options by scrolling down, and then tap on “Siri & Search”.

Reset hidden Siri suggestions in iOS 17 on iPhone 2

As you find yourself on the next screen, scroll down until you reach the “Before Searching” section. Here, you’ll see an option that reads “Reset Hidden Suggestions”. Tap on it.

Reset hidden Siri suggestions in iOS 17 on iPhone 3

A confirmation prompt will appear on the screen, requesting you to validate your action. If you’re sure you want to proceed, simply tap “Reset” at the bottom of the prompt.

Reset hidden Siri suggestions in iOS 17 on iPhone 4

What happens when you reset Siri’s hidden suggestions?

Resetting hidden Siri suggestions on your iPhone will essentially restore all previously hidden suggestions. This means that once you’ve reset, you’ll be able to see all notifications again in Spotlight Search, including intentionally hidden notifications, which will reflect your device usage and routines.

If any suggestions become unwanted after all, iOS 17 allows you to hide them again. You can easily remove it again by long-pressing on a particular suggestion and selecting “Do not suggest” from the options.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Siri Suggestions lets you control your Spotlight search by hiding specific suggestions and resetting them when desired. Although it is currently not possible to selectively hide certain notifications, the overall enhancements provide a more tailored and streamlined user experience. Following this blog post will help you effectively manage Siri suggestions on your iPhone.


How can I hide unwanted Siri suggestions?

You can easily hide unwanted Siri suggestions by long-pressing the suggestion and then selecting “Don’t Suggest”.

Can I selectively unhide Siri’s suggestions?

It is not possible to selectively hide Siri’s suggestions. The reset feature restores all hidden instructions at once.

Will resetting hidden suggestions affect my other Siri settings?

No, resetting hidden suggestions affects the visibility of previously hidden suggestions in Spotlight search. While other Siri settings remain unchanged.

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