13 Effective Fixes for iOS 17.3 iPhone Battery Drain Issues

How to Fix iPhone Battery Drain issue in iOS 17

Are you struggling with your iPhone’s battery draining super fast after updating to iOS 17.3? You’re definitely not alone in this. I’ve got your back with some great tips to help fix this battery drain issue.

Understanding iOS 17.3 Battery Drain Issue

First things first, it’s super important to figure out why your iPhone’s battery is running out so fast with iOS 17.3. Getting to the heart of the problem makes solving it much easier. Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

  • Software Bugs: Every now and then, a new update might have a glitch or two.
  • App Incompatibility: Some apps may not be fully ready for the new iOS yet.
  • Post-update Adjustment: Your iPhone might need a bit of time to get used to the new update.
  • Live Activity Apps: Apps running in the background, like weather updates, can use more battery.

Top Fixes for iOS 17.3 Battery Drain Issue

Now, let’s dive into some solutions to tackle this battery drain issue.

Update All Apps

Always remember to update your apps after a new iOS version. Head to the App Store, tap your profile picture and refresh to download available updates. Keeping apps up-to-date helps prevent battery drain issues.

Download New App Update on iPhone

Disable Screen Distance

The Screen Distance feature in iOS 17 uses camera sensors to detect your face, which can drain the battery over time. If you don’t need this feature, it’s a good idea to turn it off. Go to Settings > Screen Time, and toggle off Screen Distance.

Disable Screen Distance on iPhone

Turn Off the Background App Refresh

This feature can significantly drain your battery. To disable it, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and then turn it off. You can also choose to disable it for specific apps.

How to Disable Background Refresh Apps on iPhone

Tip: Doing this not only helps improve battery life but can also make your device run smoother since it reduces the system resources being used.

Disable StandBy Mode

If StandBy Mode isn’t working as intended, it might be draining your battery. Try disabling it by going to Settings, finding StandBy, and turning it off.

toggle off the StandBy to disable it

Limit Location Services

Non-essential apps don’t always need to track your location. To save battery, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services and toggle it off, or limit it for certain apps.

How to Turn off Location Services on iPhone

Use Low Power Mode

This mode is a battery lifesaver. Enable it in Settings > Battery > Enable Low Power Mode. You can also add a shortcut to the Control Center or use Siri to turn it on or off.

save battery life on iPhone with Enable Low Power Mode

Note: Low Power Mode will automatically disable itself once your iPhone’s battery charge reaches 80%.

Disable Always On Display

This feature, although handy, can drain your battery. Turn it off in Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn off Always On.

How to Turn on Always On Display iPhone

Limit Screen Refresh Rate

For iPhone Pro models, reducing the screen refresh rate can save battery. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion, and enable “Limit Frame Rate.”

Activate Dark Mode

Using Dark Mode on OLED iPhones saves battery. Enable it in Settings > Display & Brightness > Turn on Dark Mode.

enable dark mode on iPhone

Turn On Auto Brightness

This automatically adjusts screen brightness according to your surroundings. Enable it in Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Enable Auto-Brightness.

enable Auto Brightness in iPhone

Manage Live Activity Apps

Constant updates from apps like Google Maps or ESPN can drain your battery. Manage these by going to Settings, selecting the app, and adjusting the Live Activities settings.

toggle off for Allow Live Activities

Force Restart Your iPhone

Doing this regularly, especially after updates, can help resolve many issues. Press the power and volume buttons, swipe to turn off, then hold the power button to restart.

Force Restart Your iPhone

Update to the Latest iOS

Keep your iOS up to date to fix bugs and potential battery issues. Go to Settings > General > Software Update to check for updates.

How to Download iOS 17 Update on iPhone

By following these steps, you can help mitigate the battery drain issue on your iPhone and ensure it lasts longer throughout the day.

Boosting Your iPhone Battery Life…

It’s important to extend your iPhone’s battery life, especially after updating to iOS 17.3. Many of these problems can be fixed with a few simple adjustments to your settings. So, enjoy all the great features of iOS 17.3, but without compromising your iPhone’s battery health and performance.

FAQs to Keep Your iPhone Battery Healthy

How to Maintain iPhone Battery Health?

Keep your battery charge between 20-80% as much as possible. Avoid letting it drain completely or charging it to 100% all the time.

Is Overnight Charging Okay for Your iPhone?

Even though new iPhones can stop charging once they reach 100%, it’s better to avoid overnight charging. Prolonged charging can impact battery longevity.

How do I check my iPhone battery health?

Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. You’ll see a percentage for Maximum Capacity, indicating how your battery compares to a new one (100%).