Top 5 Best Sticky Note App For Mac in 2023

Best Sticky Note App For Mac

There are many good note-taking apps available, but only a few offer sticky notes for Mac. If you are looking for the best Sticky Note App for Mac in 2023, you have come to the right place. Here we are going to share the top 5 best Sticky Note apps for your Mac.

Sticky notes are very useful for quickly writing down things or making to-do lists. They always appear on your Mac desktop, so you won’t forget to check your notes. There are many popular apps for Mac, but only a few of them have a sticky note feature.

The Best Sticky Note App For Mac

Sticky Notes App NameBest ForStand-out Feature
Quick NoteFast note-taking, on-the-fly remindersQuick access via a keyboard shortcuts
SideNotesKeeping notes, to-dos, and thoughts organizedCan be accessed by just moving the cursor to the screen edge
Apple StickiesBasic notes on Apple devicesSeamless integration with MacOS
Ghostnote 2Note-taking for specific apps or documentsUse via Menu bar note-taking apps and supports dark mode.
Simple AntnotesSimple note-takingCustomizable notes and clean interface

1. Quick Note

Quick Note - Best Sticky Note App For Mac

This is one of the best sticky note apps on the App Store. As the name suggests, You can open it quickly with keyboard shortcuts. Just assign a key to quick notes and use it whenever you need. It supports dark mode and runs smoothly in full-screen mode. The free version supports up to 4 sticky notes on Mac desktops. The Pro plan costs $7.99 and allows you to have multiple notes on the screen.


  • Super clean design
  • Full-screen and Dark Mode support
  • Quickly Access via Keyboard Shortcuts


  • Only 4 Sticky Notes for free version
  • Notes disappear while you’re writing others

Download: Quick Note (Free, in-purchases available upto $7.99)

2. SideNotes

SideNotes - Best Sticky Note App For Mac

SideNotes is a great note-taking app for Mac. It is easy to use and allows you to create and manage notes, tasks, and files. You can also color-code your notes and share them easily. To access SideNotes, simply move your mouse to the edge of the screen.



  • Pricey for students
  • Limited keyboard trigger support

Download: SideNotes (Paid $19.99)

3. Apple Stickies

Apple Stickies - Best Sticky Note App For Mac

Apple Stickies is a free sticky notes app that comes pre-installed on your Mac. You can change the text and color of your notes, and even add media files. Stickies are easy to use and let you pin your reminders, to-dos, and notes wherever you want on your screen.


  • Pre-installed
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • iCloud Sync


  • Lack of Advanced Features
  • No Full-Screen Support

Download: Stickies (Free)

4. Ghostnote 2

Ghostnote 2- Best Sticky Note App For Mac

Ghostnote 2 is a note-taking app that lets you take notes from the menu bar. It has two standout features: the Script Editor and the Note Browser. The Script Editor lets you customize your notes, and the Note Browser lets you see all your notes in one place. You can choose from seven themes, including dark mode. You can try Ghostnote 2 for free for 14 days, and if you like it, it costs $9.99 to subscribe.


  • Easy to access
  • Script Editor for customization
  • Multiple themes available


  • Notes disappear when switching windows
  • Paid app with one-time subscription fee

Download: Ghostnote 2 ($9.99)

5. Antnotes

Simple Antnotes - Best Sticky Note App For Mac

Antnotes is a popular sticky notes app for Mac. It lets you change the background, text color, font, size, and position of your notes. You can also pin notes to the desktop. The app is comes with $2.99 premium plan.


  • Easily accessible
  • Integrates with macOS


  • Limited functionality in full-screen mode
  • Paid version offers more features

Download: Antnotes ($2.99)


Finding the perfect sticky note app for Mac can be difficult because not all apps offer this feature. We hope you find what you’re looking for in the list above. Sticky notes are helpful for students and people who need to write quick notes and remember to complete tasks. Personally, I recommend Apple Stickies or Quick Note because they are easy to use and free.

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