How to Change Watch Face on Apple Watch [watchOS 10]

Change Watch Face on Apple Watch in watchOS 10

The watchOS 10 update has revolutionized the way we interact with the Apple watch, including many new features and adjustments. watchOS 10 Widgets have now replaced the familiar Control Center, and by changing your watch face you can make it personal and attractive.

In this blog post, I will tell you how to change watch face on your Apple Watch, and provide you with information about these changes. Gone are the days when we used simple swiping to change watch faces, that is replaced by the nostalgic “long-press and swipe/scroll” mechanism. I’ll also cover the new watch faces that have taken center stage: the Snoopy Watch Face and the Vibrant Palette are highlights.

What is Watch Face?

Watch face is a customized display on a smartwatch that shows you the time, date, and other data like weather, notifications, and fitness tracking. You can customize the watch face to your liking to change the look and feel of the smartwatch and also use it to access various features and apps. There are two main types of watches:

  1. Analog: An analog watch face has a traditional watch face with hands, which only indicates the time. It is also known as a traditional or classic watch.
  2. Digital: Digital watch faces can display the time in numbers and much more besides. Some watch faces also have complications, with small widgets displaying additional information such as weather, calendar events, or fitness data.
Analog Vs Digital Watch Face

Watch faces can be downloaded from the smartwatch’s app store or created by users. There are many different watch faces available today, so users can find a face that suits their style and needs.

Benefits of Changing watch faces

There are multiple advantages to customizing your watch face:

  • Personalization: Tailor your watch face to mirror your style or mood, from classic analog to modern digital designs.
  • Functionality: Different faces display varying information like weather conditions or fitness metrics.
  • Efficiency: Customize faces to make access to favorite apps or contacts easier with complications.
  • Variety: With a wide range of available faces, enjoy the freedom to switch your look frequently.

How to Change Watch Face on Apple Watch

You can change your Apple Watch face using two methods. One of which is directly through the watch and the other through the watch app using the iPhone. There is no major change in this method.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App

You can explore all watch faces using your iPhone’s Watch app and Face Gallery on Apple Watch. It’s possible to add watch faces directly to your watch with this app, be it Snoopy, Palette, or others, you can customize them, choose complications (if applicable), and then add them to your watch.

All this can be accomplished from the Face Gallery itself. Here’s how you can do it:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 1

Tap on “My Watch” located on the bottom tab to view your current list of watch faces.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 2

Tap on “Edit” on the right side of My Faces Section.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 3

This will display all the existing Apple Watch faces installed on your watch. You can review them and remove those you no longer need by tapping the minus icon.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 4

Next, tap on “Face Gallery”, the middle tab at the bottom of the screen.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 5

Here, you’ll find the all available (like Snoopy and Palette) Watch Faces under“Face Gallery” or “New Watch Faces”. If not immediately visible, scroll down to locate them.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 6

Tap on any of them and then click on “Add” to add a new Face to your Apple Watch. You’ll be able to modify the background color and dial style later, or you can opt to do it beforehand. Note that Snoopy does not currently support any complications.

Change Watch Face Using iPhone Watch App 7

Repeat the above process for the Snoopy or Palette watch face or any others you wish to add to your Apple Watch.

That’s it! Now you know how to add and manage watch faces on your Apple Watch running watchOS 10.

Change Watch Face on Apple Watch in watchOS 10

Follow the steps below to replace your Apple Watch Faces with your watch in watchOS 10:

If your Apple Watch is not already awake, wake it, then long-press the current Watch Face to access the editing screen.

Change Watch Face in watchOS 10 on Apple Watch 1

On the editing screen, either swipe left or right or use the Digital Crown to scroll up (to move right) or down (to move left) among your Watch Faces.

Change Watch Face in watchOS 10 on Apple Watch 2

Once you’ve located the face you want, tap on it. Your Apple Watch will now display your chosen Watch Face.

Change Watch Face in watchOS 10 on Apple Watch 3

While the new swipe/scroll method may be quicker to access the watch face, we believe retaining the edge-to-edge swipe functionality could be beneficial. The combination of the two was a really efficient system in watchOS 9.


In conclusion, the arrival of watchOS 10 has brought significant changes to the Apple Watch interface with the introduction of a new method of changing watch faces and widgets. Using our simple guide, you can easily add and customize new watch faces like Snoopy and Palette using the Face Gallery.

These changes may seem challenging at first, but they’re designed to enrich your Apple Watch experience, helping you make your watch more personal and user-friendly. So, enjoy the new watchOS 10 features!


How do I navigate the new widget interface on watchOS 10?

Swiping on your Apple Watch screen now lets you see widgets instead of the Control Center. While you can access the control center by pressing the side button.