watchOS 10.1 Beta 1: NameDrop and Double Tap Features Now Available

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Apple has a new update for the Apple Watch called watchOS 10. It came out on June 5, 2023. This update has lots of new things for the Apple Watch. I will show you what’s new and how to use them on your watch.

Apple also made new updates for iPhones (iOS 17) and iPads (iPadOS 17) along with this watch update. I will explain the new changes, from the fresh look to tracking your activities outside. Whether you make apps or just use them, you’ll find something cool in this update. Let’s dive in and see what watchOS 10 gives you.

What’s watchOS 10?

WatchOS 10 is the 10th big update for Apple’s system on the Apple Watch. Apple first showed it at a big event called WWDC23 on June 5, 2023. A lot of people got excited about it. Everyone can get this update on their watches on September 16, 2023.

watchOS 10.1 beta 1 Update

On 27th September 2023, Apple released the watchOS 10.1 beta 1. This update, carrying the build number 21S5042f, has a file size of 508 MB.

What’s New:

  • NameDrop on Apple Watch is now live.
  • Introduces the new Double Tap feature. Compatible with Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2.
watchOS 10.1 Beta 1 Update
Build NamewatchOS 10.1 beta 1
Build Number21S5042f
Release Date27th September 2023
Size508 MB

watchOS 10.0.2 Update

On the 26th of September 2023, Apple released watchOS 10.0.2 with the build number 21R371. The update size for this version is 99.3 MB.

In this update, Apple fixed bugs and enhanced security for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. The update also addresses the Weather complication issue. Some users have found solutions to related problems by adjusting the 24-hour Time setting or by temporarily disabling Location Services on their iPhones.

watchOS 10.0.2 Update
Build NamewatchOS 10.0.2
Build Number21R371
Release Date26st September 2023
Size99.3 MB

watchOS 10.0.1 Update

On 21st September 2023, Apple launched the watchOS 10.0.1 update, emphasizing enhanced security for the Apple Watch Series 4 and subsequent models.

What’s New: This update addresses a vulnerability where local attackers could potentially elevate their privileges. Additionally, there is a risk that malicious apps might bypass signature validation. Versions of iOS prior to 16.7 may have been exposed to this exploit.

watchOS 10.0.1 Stable Update
Build NamewatchOS 10.0.1
Build Number21R360
Release Date21th September 2023
Size162 MB

watchOS 10 Beta 3 Update

Introducing the watchOS 10 Beta 3 with the Build Number 21R5305e. Released on the 5th of July 2023, this update weighs in at 692 MB.

What’s New: In this latest build, Apple has included the much-anticipated feature: Optimized Charge Limit. This innovative feature is now supported on Apple Watch SE, Series 6, 7, and 8. It’s a big leap forward for those keen on ensuring their watch’s battery health is maintained.


  • Users might find that MP3 files with malformed ID3 tags are unplayable.
  • Scribble text input is currently facing problems with unsupported languages.
  • Any attempts at FinanceKit import will be futile, as it’s currently impossible.
  • There may be potential formatting issues with the Grid View & List View buttons.
  • Developers, be aware: Map usage might trigger an Xcode warning.
WatchOS 10 Beta 3 Update
Build NamewatchOS 10 Beta 3
Build Number21R5305e
Release Date5th July 2023
Size692 MB

watchOS 10 Beta 2 Update

Introducing watchOS 10 Beta 2 with the Build Number 21R5295g. Launched on the 21st of June 2023, this update is specifically sized at 670 MB for the Apple Watch Ultra.


watchOS 10 Beta 2 Update
Build NamewatchOS 10 Beta 2
Build Number21R5295g
Release Date21st June 2023
Size670 MB (for Apple Watch Ultra)

watchOS 10 Beta 1 Update

Introducing watchOS 10 Developer Beta 1 with the Build Number 21R5275t. Released on the 5th of June 2023, this update comes in at a size of 1.1 GB specifically for the Apple Watch Ultra.


  • New App Design
  • Smart Widget stacks
  • Many app updates with world clock, activity, and more
  • 2 New watch faces
  • New Hiking and Cycling update
  • New Map updates
  • Log how you feel throughout the day
  • Measure how much time is in daylight
watchOS 10 Beta 1 Update
Build NamewatchOS 10 Developer Beta 1
Build Number21R5275t
Release Date5th June 2023
Size1.1 GB (for Apple Watch Ultra)

watchOS 10 Supported devices

Following is the list of watchOS 10 supported devices:

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch Series 9
  • Apple Watch SE (2020)
  • Apple Watch SE (2022)
  • Apple Watch SE (2023)
  • Apple Watch Ultra
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2
WatchOS 10 Supported devices

How to Download and Install watchOS 10

To download and install watchOS 10 on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Hit the My Watch tab at the screen’s base.
  • Choose Software Update.
  • If there’s an update, click Download and Install. You might have to punch in your iPhone’s passcode.
  • Ensure your iPhone and Apple Watch stay nearby throughout.
  • After downloading, your Apple Watch will nudge you to initiate the update. Hit Install on the watch.
  • Be patient; updates can take a while. Your watch will take a short nap (restart), and you’ll spot a spinning progress circle.

Note: Always keep your iPhone up-to-date, let your Apple Watch lounge on its charger while updating, and ensure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Final Word

That’s it! the watchOS 10 has revamped the tech sphere of smartwatches. With new apps, clever widget stacks, and health-focused improvements, Apple raises the UX bar. Awaiting further innovations, watchOS 10 solidifies Apple’s lead in wearable tech evolution.

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