How to Fix ChatGPT “Verify You Are Human” Loop Error

Fix ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Loop Error

Are you tired of ChatGPT’s “Verify you are human” Error, and feel like you’re stuck in this process? So don’t worry. Here are various solutions to help you to figure out what’s going on and fix this annoying problem. ChatGPT is revolutionizing the world of AI and automation, but like any other technology, it has many drawbacks.

In this article, I will explain what ChatGPT Verify Your Human Loop Error is, the reasons behind it, and the possible consequences of this error. I will also provide you with various ways to fix this problem so that you can enjoy your ChatGPT conversation without any hiccups.

What is ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Loop Error?

The ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Loop Error is a recurring issue that users face while trying to access the ChatGPT platform. Essentially, it’s when the platform asks you to verify that you’re a human, but even after completing the verification process, you’re stuck in an endless loop where the platform keeps asking for verification, making it impossible to use the service.

ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Loop Error

Reasons for ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Error

Several possible reasons for ChatGPT to verify that you are human include:

  • Browser Issues: Incompatibility between your browser and the ChatGPT platform can sometimes cause this error.
  • Cache and Cookies: Corrupt or outdated cache and cookies can also trigger this problem.
  • VPN or proxy server: Using a VPN or proxy server can sometimes confuse the platform, causing this error.
  • High server load: If the ChatGPT servers are experiencing high traffic, this verification loop may lead you to this problem.
  • Captcha-related issues: Technical issues with the Captcha service can also cause this error. Which is probably related to Cloudflare.
  • Use Free ChatGPT Plan: Most of the time this error occurs to users using the free ChatGPT plan.

What happens due to ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Error?

When the ChatGPT Verify You Are Human loop error occurs, you will be unable to access the ChatGPT platform and you will be stuck in Cloudflare’s Captcha code. Constant verification requests can be frustrating, and they disrupt your overall experience with an AI-powered chatbot. So follow the below steps to remove this.

Different Ways to Fix ChatGPT “Verify You Are Human” Error

There are several ways to fix the ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Loop Error, which is listed below. By following these methods, you can find a solution to this issue. Try each of these methods one by one until you resolve the error:

1. Refresh the page

The first and easiest solution is to refresh the web page. Which can often solve minor problems on the site. Sometimes, it can help break this cycle and access the platform. Here’s how to do it on various devices and browsers:

  • Using keyboard shortcuts:
    • Windows/Linux: Press F5 or Ctrl + R
    • MacOS: Press Cmd + R
  • Using the browser’s refresh button:
    • Click the refresh button in your browser’s toolbar, usually near the address bar. This button usually looks like a circular arrow.
Refresh Webpage
How to Fix ChatGPT "Verify You Are Human" Loop Error

2. Check your internet connection

A poor or unstable internet connection can be a reason for the ChatGPT “verify you are human” error. So make sure you have a stable and fast internet (Minimum 5 -10 Mbps) connection if possible, try connecting to a different network to see if that fixes the problem.

  • Check the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to make sure your device is connected.
  • Then open a new browser window and visit internet speed test websites to test the speed of the internet connection.
Check internet connection speed

If necessary, restart your router or modem or contact your Internet service provider for assistance.

3. Check OpenAI Server Status

One possible approach to address the ChatGPT Verify Your Human loop error is to verify OpenAI’s server status. This error can occasionally be caused by server maintenance or an OpenAI server issue, which blocks your access to ChatGPT. To check server status, visit the OpenAI status page or follow OpenAI on social media platforms (Discord) for updates.

Check OpenAI Server Status

4. Clear Browser cache and cookies

For this, remove any corrupt or outdated data from your browser, as it might be causing this error. So try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. For which follow the below steps:

  • Click the three-line menu in the top-right corner and select “Settings”.
  • Select the “Privacy and Security” option in the right-side menu bar.
  • Click on “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • Check the boxes for “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files”. Select the All Time option under Time Range.
  • Finally, click on “Clear Data”.
Clear ChatGPT browser cache and data

5. Disable VPN or proxy server

If you are using a VPN or proxy server, which may be causing this error, try disabling it temporarily. which can help the OpenAI platform eliminate any confusion about your location or IP address. So follow the steps below to turn off the VPN:

  • Windows:
    • Click on the “Start” button and select “Settings”.
    • Click on “Network & Internet”.
    • Select “VPN” or “Proxy” from the left pane, then disable or remove the active VPN or proxy server.
  • macOS:
    • Click on the “Apple” menu and select “System Preferences”.
    • Click on “Network”.
    • Select the active VPN or proxy server, then click on the “Disconnect” or “Disable” button.
  • Browser Extension: If you are using a browser extension for VPN, follow these step-by-step instructions to stop and remove the VPN extension:
    • Locate the VPN extension icon in your browser’s toolbar, typically near the address bar.
    • Click on the icon to open the VPN extension.
    • Inside the VPN extension, then click on the “Stop” or “Disconnect” button to stop the VPN connection.
Disable VPN or proxy server

6. Try a different browser

If you are still facing the issue, try using a different browser. Other browsers sometimes work better with the ChatGPT platform than your current browser.

  • Visit the official website of the browser you want to try (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari).
  • Download and install the browser on your device.
  • Open the newly installed browser and visit the ChatGPT website.

7. Upgrade to a Paid ChatGPT Plan

The ChatGPT Verify You Human Loop error may occur frequently to users on the ChatGPT free plan due to increased demand or usage restrictions. Upgrading to a paid plan can reduce the occurrence of this error and provide a smoother user experience.

To upgrade your ChatGPT plan, follow these steps:

  • Visit the ChatGPT website and log in to your account.
  • Locate the “My Plan” section, typically found in the main menu or your account settings.
  • Browse through the available subscription plans and choose ChatGPT Plus with a cost is $20 USD.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process, including providing payment information.
Upgrade to a Paid ChatGPT Plan

Once you’ve upgraded to a paid ChatGPT plan, you may notice a reduction in the frequency of the ChatGPT Verify You Are Human Loop Error and enjoy a more seamless interaction with the AI chatbot.

Final Verdict

ChatGPT “Verify You Are Human” Loop error can be a frustrating problem for any user, but it can be easily resolved with the above troubleshooting steps. By following the detailed step-by-step guide provided in this article, you will be able to get rid of the error and enjoy a smooth and comfortable experience of your interaction with the AI-powered chatbot.


Why is ChatGPT stuck on verifying?

if you’re experiencing a ChatGPT “stuck on verifying” issue, it could be due to a few reasons or issues:
1. Network issues
2. Server-side issues
3. Browser issues