How to Delete Stickers on iOS 17 [4 Ways]

Apple’s iOS 17 lets you turn any photo into a sticker, making your chats and apps more interactive when messaging your friends.

If you’ve been using this feature for a while, you may have created a ton of stickers. If things are getting messy and you’re having trouble finding the right one, don’t worry. Here’s a guide on how to delete stickers from your iOS 17 device.

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How to Delete Stickers on iOS 17

Here are a few easy methods to delete single stickers, bulk stickers, or even entire sticker packs on iOS 17:

1. Delete Stickers via iMessage:

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone and select any conversation.
Select Conversation on iPhone Messages app
  • Tap the (+) icon next to the chat input box.
Tap on the + icon to open messages app drawer
  • Select the Stickers app.
Choose Stickers form list
  • You’ll see your custom stickers. To delete any of them, tap and hold the sticker you want to remove.
Stickers on iPhone messages app
  • In the popup, hit the Delete button.
Delete iPhone stickers from messages app

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2. Delete Stickers Using the Keyboard:

  • Open any app on your iPhone where you can type, prompting the keyboard to appear.
iPhone keyboards
  • Tap the emoji icon located at the bottom left corner of the Apple Keyboard.
Click on the Apple Keyboard emoji
  • Navigate to the recent emoji tab and select the Stickers icon.
Click on the Apple Stickers icon on keyboard
  • Tap and hold any sticker you want to delete.
iOS 17 Stickers on iPhone in Note apps
  • Press Delete to remove the sticker from your device.
Tap on the delete option to remove stickers from iPhone

3. Delete Stickers in Bulk:

The methods described above are tailored for deleting individual stickers. But if you’re looking to remove stickers in bulk, then follow these steps:

  • Access the Stickers keyboard from iMessage or another app using the methods above.
Stickers on iPhone messages app
  • Tap and hold on to any sticker. Select the Rearrange option in the popup.
Tap on the Rearrange option on iPhone stickers
  • You’ll see minus (-) icons next to each sticker. Tap the ones you want to remove.
Tap on the minus icon to remove your stickers

4. Delete Entire Sticker Packs:

If you’ve downloaded various apps, chances are you’ve got multiple sticker packs on your iPhone. If you want to remove them, follow these steps:

  • Open the Messages app > Tap on + > Choose Stickers.
Stickers on iPhone messages app
  • Scroll through the sticker line to the end and select Edit.
Swipe left to right to access Sticker Apps in iMessage
  • Tap the red (-) signs to delete entire sticker packs. Confirm your choice by pressing delete again.
Tap on Delete button to Delete iMessage Sticker Apps

There you have it! Now you can keep your iPhone running iOS 17 neat and tidy, free from sticker overload.

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