Fixed: Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts on iPhone

how to fix Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts on iPhone

Hey! Did you get a “Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts” notification and now your iPhone screen is stuck? You’re not alone. A few days ago, I had the same problem with my iPhone 14 Plus. The screen was frozen, and even after searching online, I couldn’t find a solution. Finally, I contacted Apple Support and got the right fix.

In this post, I’ll explain how to fix the “Home Critical Alerts” issue and how to prevent it in the future, so your phone doesn’t freeze again.

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How to Fix Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts

Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts Pop-up

This issue often occurs if the Apple Home app is on your device. The app sends emergency alerts for your home appliances connected to your iPhone, even if your phone is on mute or in focus mode. It’s a safety feature. When the alert appears, you can choose “Allow” or “Don’t Allow.” But sometimes, due to a glitch, your iPhone might freeze. Here’s how to fix the Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alerts:

  • Quickly press the Volume Up button.
  • Quickly press the Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple Logo.
  • Your iPhone will restart, and the alert will be gone.
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Note: Many users mistakenly go to the “Slide to Power Off” screen instead of following these steps. Remember, don’t hold the volume buttons; just quickly tap them in the right sequence.

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How to Get Rid of Home Would Like to Send You Critical Alert Pop-ups

If you don’t use the Apple Home app, you can remove it from your device. If you have many appliances set up, follow the below steps to turn off Critical Alerts:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings and tap “Notifications.”
  • Scroll down to find the Home App and open it.
  • Turn off the “Critical Alerts” toggle.
Turn off Critical Alerts on Home App

Once you turn off this setting on your iPhone, you won’t receive any more alerts from the Home App. But be aware, this means you’ll also miss important warnings related to your appliances, such as smart alarms, smoke detectors, and glass break sensors.

I encountered this error on my iPhone 14 Plus after installing the iOS 17.3 beta update. This issue has also been reported by users of older iPhone models on Reddit and Apple discussion forums.

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