How to Automatically Clean Up Verification Codes on iPhone [iOS 17]

Clean Up Automatically Verification Codes on iPhone

Keeping your phone inbox neat and organized can sometimes be a headache, especially with the constant stream of one-time passwords (OTP) and verification codes. With the iOS 17 Update, Apple introduced a great feature called “Automatically Clean Up Verification Codes” to solve this problem.

This feature keeps your inbox organized and allows you to focus more on work-related, personal messages from friends and family instead of checking countless code-filled messages. This feature automatically deletes messages in Messages and Mail apps that contain a verification code once you’ve entered the code using AutoFill.

What is Clean Up Verification Code on iOS 17?

Clean Up Verification Code is a simple method introduced in iOS 17 to handle one-time passwords and verification codes. Removes the code through which you repeatedly receive codes to log into an app or website. This automatic clean-up tool helps you remove verification codes you’ve already used for authentication by decluttering your inbox.

iOS 17 Automatically Delete Verification Codes Feature

Located in iOS Settings, this tool removes messages containing verification codes received through your iPhone’s Messages and Mail apps.

  • Autofill feature: lets you input codes from emails you receive into the Mail app.
  • Clean-up tool: removes the code used by the autofill feature and cleans up your messages and mail.

If you enter the code manually, iOS will not clear it automatically. This tool helps declutter your inbox, reserving space for more critical messages.

How to Automatically Delete Verification Code from iPhone

Before getting started, ensure your iPhone is updated to iOS 17 or newer versions. Follow these steps to activate the Automatic clean up Verification Code:

Open the “Settings app” from the Home Screen or the App Library.

Enable Sensitive Content Warning on iPhone 1

Scroll down and Tap on the “Passwords” option and provide authentication.

Automatically Clean Up Verification Code from iPhone 1

In the Passwords screen, tap on “Password Options”.

Automatically Clean Up Verification Code from iPhone 2

On the following screen, switch on the “Clean Up Automatically” toggle under Verification Codes Section.

Automatically Clean Up Verification Code from iPhone 3

With this, iOS will automatically clean up the verification codes received on your Messages and Mail apps.

What Happens When You Enable Automatic Clean-Up for Verification Code?

When you enable “Clean Up Automatically” for verification codes, any message or email containing the verification code will be removed once used. The moment a verification code is input using AutoFill, iOS will immediately delete the letter or email with this code.

Here’s how it works:

When signing into the Service with a one-time password received via messages, you will need to tap the auto-fill-suggested option on the keyboard interface to ensure automatic deletion.

Enter Automatic deleted verification code

First-time users will see a prompt on their screen. Tap on “Delete after use” to ensure the automatic removal of your verification codes. This prompt will not appear for subsequent code inputs.

Automatically Delete Verification Code from iPhone

When you enter a verification code from the Messages or Mail app using AutoFill, iOS will immediately delete the message containing the code. If you need to retrieve this code, you will need to visit the “Recently Deleted” section in the Messages app or the “Bin” folder in the Mail app.

Recover Automatic deleted verification code

In Conclusion, Managing one-time passwords and verification codes is now a simple process with iOS 17’s Clean Up Verification Codes feature. Its automatic deletion system not only keeps your inbox neat and organized but also makes it easier to find and read more critical messages. Now, it’s time to embrace a clutter-free messaging experience!


Can my iPhone remove one-time codes automatically?

Yes, if you’ve installed the latest iOS 17 update, your iPhone can automatically remove one-time codes.

How do I automatically delete OTP messages on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, open Settings > Passwords > Password Options > enable “Clean Up Automatically” to let your iPhone delete verification codes in the Messages and Mail app automatically.

How to automatically fill in SMS passcodes on an iPhone?

Go to Settings > Passwords > Password Options > Turn On AutoFill Passwords and Passkeys. When you receive a one-time verification code, your iPhone will automatically detect it from the Message app and display it above your keyboard. Simply tap the code to use it.