Grocery Shopping Made Easy: How to use iOS 17 Reminders App

iOS 17 Reminders App

Apple has recently unveiled an exciting Developer Beta iOS 17 update for the iPhone, announced during the WWDC23 event. Although a host of new features were presented at the launch, some remain relatively underappreciated by the public. The iOS 17 Reminders app, particularly the new Grocery List feature, is one such underrated feature. This practical addition is designed to enhance your grocery shopping process, offering user-friendly operations and artificial intelligence-assisted.

In this comprehensive guide, I will delve into the usage of the iOS 17 Reminders app, focusing on creating a smart grocery list that aims to streamline your shopping routine.

What's New in Apple Reminders App

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iOS 17 Reminders App: Grocery List

Open the Reminders application.

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 1

To make a new list, use the “Add List” button.

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 2

Choose “Groceries” for the list type.

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 3

Type in the things you need to purchase. The app will automatically categorize them. (Brand names can also be included.)

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 4

You can collapse or extend categories to manage your list.

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 5

Check off the goods you purchase while you shop.

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 6

Go to the “Show Completed” option to view everything you’ve crossed off.

iOS 17 Reminders App Grocery List Step 7

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Advantages and Limitations of the Grocery List Feature

  • Pros
    • Efficient Organization: The feature automatically categorizes your items, keeping your grocery list organized and easy to navigate.
    • Space Management: Categories can be collapsed, providing a neat and compact view of your grocery list.
    • Brand Recognition: The feature can recognize popular brands of foods and categorize them accordingly.
    • Comprehensive View of Completed Tasks: The ‘show completed’ option allows you to view all the items you’ve marked as purchased.
  • Cons
    • Limited to Common Groceries: The feature might not categorize uncommon or specific items accurately.
    • Brand Limitation: Not all brands may be recognized and appropriately categorized.

Grocery Shopping with iOS 17

The new grocery list feature in the iOS 17 Reminders app is very useful for those who use their phones for Grocery Shopping every day. I encourage everyone to explore and benefit from this recently introduced feature.

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  1. This feature is not working on my update unfortunately.

    1. Check, you choose Grocery from list?

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