How to Mark All Messages as Read on iPhone [iOS 17]

How to Mark All Messages as Read on iPhone

Managing the clutter of unread messages on your iPhone can be overwhelming, especially when a red notification badge reminds you of the unchecked pile. If you feel uncomfortable with the growing number of unread messages, a simple way to handle them on the iOS 17 Update is to “Mark All Messages as Read”.

This will help you to mark all your messages as read at once, and say goodbye to the red dot of unread messages. The constant presence of the red notification bubble can be annoying and even cause anxiety for some people. So, get ready to streamline your messaging experience and free yourself from the unwanted distraction of those bright red indicators.

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What is “Mark All Messages as Read”?

Mark All Messages as Read is a feature in messaging apps that lets you mark all unread messages as “read” in one go. It’s useful to clear notification badges and manage a high volume of messages efficiently. This action treats all messages as if they’ve been individually read, even if they haven’t. It’s ideal for a cleaner interface and handling non-essential or automated messages.

Mark All Messages as Read


Here are the benefits of marking all messages as read on your iPhone:

  • Reduces clutter: Keeps your message inbox organized by removing ‘unread’ status from messages.
  • Removes unwanted notifications: Get rid of red badge notifications, providing a cleaner, less distracting interface.
  • Saves time: Saves you the time and effort of opening each message individually to mark it as read.
  • Reduces anxiety: Seeing a large number of unread messages can reduce stress or anxiety.
  • Focus on important messages: Makes it easier to find important new messages as they arrive, as they won’t get lost in a sea of unread messages.
  • Better message management: Provides better overall control and management of your message inbox.

How to Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17

Open the Messages app from the Home Screen or the App Library.

Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17 1

Make sure you are in the “All Messages” folder. If not, tap on “Filters” in the top-left corner.

Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17 2

Tap on the tile for “All Messages”. Alternatively, you can go to the “Unread messages” folder.

Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17 3

Tap on the “ellipsis” (three-dot symbol) in the top right corner to open an overflow menu.

Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17 4

From the menu that appears, tap “Select Messages”.

Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17 5

Finally, tap on “Read All” in the bottom left corner of the screen to mark all messages as read.

Mark All Messages as Read on iOS 17 6

Using this method, you can effortlessly mark all your messages as read, regardless of their volume. This will help you maintain a clutter-free inbox and reduce any associated anxiety from seeing a high number of unread messages.


A clutter-free inbox contributes significantly to a stress-free digital experience. The Mark All Messages as Read feature on iOS 17 makes managing your text messages easier, allowing you to mark all messages as read in one simple action. Say goodbye to constant reminders of unread messages and navigate through a clean, distraction-free interface. Whether you’re dealing with essential messages or a pile of automated text, this feature ensures you’re in control of your inbox.


What happens when I mark all messages as read?

When you mark all messages as read, the system considers all your unread messages as “read”. This means the red notification badges indicating unread messages will be removed, creating a cleaner interface.

Will I lose any messages if I mark them as read?

No, marking messages as read does not delete them. It simply changes their status from ‘unread’ to ‘read’. Your messages remain in your inbox until you choose to delete them.

Can I undo the action after marking all messages as read?

No, once you’ve marked all messages as read, this action cannot be undone. If there are specific messages you need to keep unread as a reminder, it’s best to do so before using the ‘mark all as read’ function.

Can I mark all messages as read in other folders, such as ‘Unknown Senders’?

Yes, you can follow the same steps in other folders. However, it’s important to note that marking all messages as read in one folder does not affect messages in other folders.

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