How to Add and Use Interactive Widgets on iPhone [iOS 17]

Add and Use Interactive Widgets on iPhone

One of the most exciting features introduced in the iOS 17 update is the interactive widgets. This game-changing upgrade from Apple offers a higher degree of functionality compared to the easy-to-read widgets of previous iOS versions that are no longer just informative displays, but with iOS 17 these widgets are now designed to respond to your inputs. which gives you the ability to complete simple tasks without even opening the corresponding application.

In this blog post, I will explain how to add and customize these innovative interactive widgets to your home screen. With these widgets, you can mark completed tasks in the Reminders app or control your music and podcast playback. Also, you’ll discover how these widgets can enhance your iPhone experience and streamline your interactions. Let’s dive into the interactive world of iOS 17 widgets!

Quick Overview

Interactive widgets allow direct interaction with apps right from the Home Screen. Currently, system applications like Music, Reminders, and Phone support this feature, with more apps expected to follow. To Add Interactive widgets: long press on your Home Screen > Tap the “+” sign > Choose the widget > Select its size > Tap “Add Widget”.

What are Interactive Widgets in iOS 17?

Interactive widgets in iOS 17 are dynamic and the latest upgrade of previous widgets. which allows iPhone users to directly interact with various functions of apps from the home screen, eliminating the need to open apps.

Interactive Widgets in iOS 17

These widgets are not just shortcuts but more than that – they provide tangible controls for these. For instance, you can now play a song directly from the Music widget instead of opening the app. Simply put, iOS 17’s interactive widgets enhance your user experience by making routine tasks just a tap away on your home screen.


As of now, only a limited number of apps support interactive widgets on iPhones. These primarily include system applications like Music, Reminders, Phone, etc.

How to Add Interactive Widgets on iPhone Home Screen

Here’s a simplified step-by-step guide on how to add interactive widgets on iOS 17:

Long press any app or empty space on your iPhone’s home screen to enter Jiggle Mode. Tap the “+ sign” located in the top-left corner of the screen to access the Widgets page.

Add Interactive Widgets on iPhone Home Screen 1

Select the interactive widget you want to add to your home screen. For example, we’ll use the “Reminders” widget here.

Add Interactive Widgets on iPhone Home Screen 2

Select the “Reminders” option and select your desired widget size (small, medium, or large). Tap “Add Widget” to place it on your home screen.

Add Interactive Widgets on iPhone Home Screen 3

Confirm by tapping “Done” in the top right corner of the screen.

Add Interactive Widgets on iPhone Home Screen 4

That’s it! This is how you can add interactive widgets on your iPhone’s Home Screen with iOS 17. You can add a music widget by following the same steps and controlling your music.

How to Use Interactive Widgets on iPhone

Once you’ve added these widgets to your iPhone home screen, follow the steps below to use them:

Your reminders or tasks will now be directly visible on the “Reminders” widget on your home screen. You can mark any task as done by tapping on the widget directly. This feature was unavailable in earlier versions.

Use Interactive Widgets on iPhone 1

Marked tasks will disappear from the widget, and the total number of reminders will decrease accordingly with seamless animation.

Use Interactive Widgets on iPhone 2

iOS 17 allows you to add and use interactive widgets on your iPhone home screen. Not only the Reminders widget, but now Contacts, Music, Files, Mail, and other system-application widgets also have interactive elements.

For example, the Contacts widget lets you call or message directly without opening the Phone app. Likewise, you can open an email directly from the Mail widget or a file from the Files widget, without having to navigate through the respective applications.

Add Contact Widget with Call and Message Button on iPhone 9

Explore the Widgets page on your iPhone to find more interactive widgets in iOS 17 and enhance your widget experience on your device.


iOS 17’s interactive widgets have truly revolutionized the iPhone user experience. They provide a level of functionality and convenience that significantly streamlines our daily interactions with various applications. Whether it’s marking tasks in reminders, playing music, or calling a contact, interactive widgets make these actions faster and more accessible. Stay tuned to our blog for more updates, tips, and guides on navigating your digital world with ease.


Which apps currently support interactive widgets on iOS 17?

Currently, only system apps such as Music, Reminders, Phone, and a few other apps support these widgets. More apps are expected to add support with the new iOS 17 update.